Born in Brussels but raised in Britain, Caragh Thuring is a London-based artist whose sparse paintings are known for their unprimed linen canvases and blank spaces that seem as deliberate and significant as the painted shapes and figures that populate them. Architectural elements and landmarks are a common motif, as are pyramids, windowpanes and brickwork, while a figurative element has started to appear in her more recent work, making Brick Lady a piece that is strongly representative of the artist’s style.

This print derives from an oil and graphite painting on linen, Brick Lady, 2013. Of her intention with this work, Thurin said: “I’ve been thinking a lot about portraiture, and how objects might suggest or replace this kind of representation… However singular the subject, I’m interested in how the painting itself might house it in a different context. I am looking to construct speculative environments that the viewer can be involved with or spend time with; painting interrupts the speed of absorption.”



Curator Francesca Gavin says: “I just hung this in the High Road House basement. It’s one we’re selling as a group. I really like the combination of figurative and abstract. She makes interesting, almost architectural paintings. This edition was originally done for Studio Voltaire. I find it very easy to hang… there’s something about the calmness that makes it easy to hang with other works, it blends very nicely – in terms of content and colour – all the greys. She’s really a painter so this is a move into another medium. I always find it interesting when an artist moves from one medium into another. Painting is one of those mediums that people tend to stick to.”

Caragh Thuring’s recent solo exhibitions include the Chisenhale Gallery in London, Anthony Meier in San Francisco, Simon Preston Gallery in New York and the Saatchi Gallery.

High Road House

A members' club in west London with 14 bedrooms