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Christmas in the Houses

Whether they've recently opened or have been doing their thing for 20 years like Babington House, Christmas is a special time of year in the Houses. We asked them to share some of their festive traditions.

Guy Chetwynd, Head of Operations, Soho Beach House Miami

We do a few things for the holidays. We have our big tree, which is decorated by one of our committee members. We have a ginger bread feature, which is also created by a member. We do Christmas carols, with eggnog and mulled wine and cookies for members and their children. For Christmas Eve, we prepare gifts for hotel guests, then on Christmas day we have a traditional English Christmas Feast. Every day throughout the holiday period we have activities each morning and afternoon for kids.

Antonella Bonetti, Guest & Member Relations Manager, Babington House

Well, apart from Santa coming down the chimneys with Soho Home presents, we have Christmas carols with Podge and Jae Alexander. This is a true Soho House Christmas tradition. Last year we started doing candlelit carols in the chapel, two tenors and a soprano… very special.

Sarah Riccord, Club Manager, Soho House Berlin

This festive period, we will be celebrating in the club with the traditional winter warmer Glühwein. Glühwein is Germany's version of mulled wine, consisting of red wine, vanilla, cinnamon, citrus and sweetened with sugar. Every year the Soho House Berlin Club bar team come up with a top-secret recipe variation to keep our members warm during the chilly winter days. As this is most often served outside at the Christmas markets, we will be preparing this outside on the rooftop so members can stay warm and enjoy our beautiful view across the city. On the 24th, 25th and 26th of December our Head Chef Michael will be adding some delicious festive dishes to our regular club menu so our members can further get into the Christmas spirit!

Cristina Rodenas, Communications Manager, Soho House Barcelona

Throughout December, we have special events for our members and staff, including a Cowshed Christmas festival and a cook house of traditional festive dishes. In the club, we will be serving Escudella I Carn D’Olla [a traditional Catalan soup and stew], oxtail cannelloni and Swiss roll with Chantilly cream. In Barcelona, most people celebrate Christmas Eve at home with family and on Christmas Day it’s a mix – some celebrate it at a restaurant and others stay home. On Christmas Eve, we tend to eat a selection of canapés, seafood, cochinillo (pork), baked fish… a bit of everything, people go crazy! On Christmas Day, we traditionally have soup, roast chicken and turrón (nougat) for dessert. On New Year’s Eve, we have a big dinner at home or in a restaurant, we eat the 12 lucky grapes at 12am sharp and then we party!