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Small Turin Candle, Antique Brass, Sicilian Thyme


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Characterised by a minimal design that complements any interior style, this evocative scent is aromatic, warm and bright, with top notes of Lemon and Thyme, a heart of Pine and Lavender, and a whisper of red fruit. Undertones of Patchouli and Amber round it off to capture the essence of Soho House Rome.

The solid brass and alabastar vessel is handcrafted by artisans in India with a gold lining that adds a glow when the candle is lit. Each is unique thanks to variations in the stone and the patina that brass acquires with age.

• Small candle with Sicilian Thyme fragrance
• Solid brass vessel with antique finish
• Alabastar lid with natural variations
• Vessel handcrafted in India
• Candle hand poured in England
• Vegan-friendly blend of mineral and vegetable wax
• Vessel can be reused as storage once empty
• Bespoke fragrance created by an expert perfumer for Soho House