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Small Turin Candle, Blackened Brass, Tonka & Florum


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Taking inspiration from the warm floral scents around Soho Roc House in Mykonos, this candle combines bright notes of Hyacinth, Mimosa and Jasmine with an aromatic base of Tonka Bean.

The wax is hand-poured into our Turin vessel, which is handcrafted in India from solid brass and marble. Natural variations within the marble make each one unique, while the gold lining adds a beautiful glow when the candle is lit.

• Small candle with Tonka and Florum fragrance
• Solid brass vessel with blackened finish
• Marble lid with natural variations
• Vessel handcrafted in India
• Candle hand poured in England
• Vegan-friendly blend of mineral and vegetable wax
• Vessel can be reused as storage once empty
• Fill Weight: 175g

Tonka & Florum

The warm floral scent of our Tonka and Florum candle is reminiscent of long soaks in the tub at Babington House, with soft notes of Hyacinth, Mimosa and Jasmine designed to relax and restore. Vessels add a tactile note, via Verona's handcrafted fluted marble, or Turin's blackened brass

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