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Wellness Box, Renew You, His


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We're showcasing the small start-ups and independent brands we love- created in collaboration with our Soho House members.

Change up your lifestyle from the inside out with our range of wellness-enhancing tools, designed to deliver a powerful boost to body and mind, kick-start healthy habits and unplug from modern-day stresses. Cult brand Lumity's unique blend of anti-ageing and immunity support nurtures skin, while Kola Goodies' ashwagandha root drinking powder is known for its stress-busting qualities. Get creative with the bestselling Habit Journal, which uses a science-based approach to help you harness your potential to establish effective daily habits.

• Lumity Male Starter Kit nutrient-rich food supplement, one month
• Linen-finished Habit Journal by Evergreen Journals to help you create lasting change
• Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner by cult French brand A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life
• Ashwa-WOW Stress-Bust & Focus Boost, 100% organic ashwagandha root powder to promote mental resilience, by Kola Goodies