‘I’ve been with the company three years. I started in Shoreditch House as deputy general manager, became manager after that and came over to 76 Dean Street where I’ve been ever since. Before that I worked for Hix restaurants, running Hix Ocean Chop House for two years and previously I was with the Firmdale Group for five years organizing private events. My first job in London was with Gordon Ramsay where I opened Maze Grill as manager.'

'I always say if you were to get all the different characters of Soho House - your East London Shoreditch hipster, the West London crowd - and put them into a blender you'd get 76 Dean Street. Everything about this House fits so many people – it’s high end but accessible, it’s easy going, but it’s a destination. It’s so many different things in one but it does it effortlessly.

Jamie's favourite space

'My favourite space would have to be the drawing room on the first floor – the restaurant. Just the enormous chairs, the big soft furnishings, the dark navy blue walls – it’s so rich, potentially too dark but it actually works, the artwork on the walls is amazing, there’s lots of daylight, it’s just a beautiful room.'

Signature drink

'My House cocktail has got to be the Picante de la Casa – everyone’s favourite, but it’s really good. I’m a big margarita fan and a big chilli fan so the two go together really well. In terms of House dishes, I like the simple things: give me an entrecôte with parsley chips – delicious. Very easy.'

Honouring the heritage

'It’s still got the Georgian townhouse feel but they’ve managed to contemporise it so well, it just fits the character of the initial building so well. The building was built in the 1750s and has lived on since then and I think we’ve done it genuine justice really, in keeping it in synch with that.'

Finest hour

'The best moment of the day is probably quarter past 12, when you’re ready to go into a busy lunch service, the members are coming in, you’re seeing the same familiar faces trickling in for lunch, for meetings, the staff are ready and hyped. It’s always going to be a busy day but it’s just on the cusp of that at 12:15 and it’s brilliant.'

Local Knowledge

'Princi on Wardour Street – I love it. To me that’s just somewhere that’s got it exactly right. It’s been around for 10 years, it’s not dated, it’s so current, it’s stayed true to what it was 10 years ago and I think its going to live on and become an institution. It’s so generous, it’s consistently busy but it’s consistently fast, it’s just a great product. I always get a pizza of some kind, or a pizzete – I love the flatbreads that they do.

My favourite bar in the neighbourhood is Duck Soup on Dean Street – I love what they do in terms of the little bites, the nibbles, they do a lot of fermented wines and tonics. They found a niche in the market which I think will become on trend in a couple of years time but they’re way ahead right now.

There’s one shop in particular called Universal Works – it’s a clothing brand that I love. Again it’s a bit like me in that it’s very traditional clothes, but on trend and timeless – I have things from them that I bought five or six years ago that still look like they’re right now. Big fan of that. It’s almost become the only brand I shop at – shirts, jackets, the lot.

If you go into the Soho Hotel – I know this because I used to work there – and go up to the Terrace Suite, there’s one part of it that looks over all the tops of the houses, onto Centrepoint – it’s just quite special.

Secret tip: go to restaurants you can never get tables in at 3pm. You know how when you go at 6pm and you have to queue for an hour and a half – go at 3pm or 2:30, grab the last table and spend the afternoon there.'

Soho House 76 Dean Street

Our members' club in London's Soho is located in a Grade II-listed Georgian Townhouse