When we visited the home of interior architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán and Devin Winter to find out how they celebrate Christmas in Barcelona, we were struck by the subtle cream and brown colour scheme. It highlighted the apartment's spectacular original features and felt simultaneously restful and uplifting, making the space feel like a sanctuary with a theatrical edge that’s perfect for parties. After the festivities were over, we explored a little further while Lázaro shared some insights into how the interiors came to be.

‘Our house is a very Barcelona house but it is not an ordinary house .... it is a large apartment with very strong original art nouveau original details .... it has a terrace with an unusual large size in a house in the center that makes it even more special .... we are privileged because there are no houses like this in Barcelona with so much historical drama and it is a point in favour when it comes to surprising visitors. It is definitely a home to receive guests.’

In the mix

‘The interesting thing about this house is the mix of criteria. Catalan art nouveau had many references and created many sub styles; the richness of this apartment is that it contains them all and that makes it more exotic.'


'The ceramic floors are spectacular and the marquetry works are very original. In the apartment the Neo Gothic style, Viennese modernism and some touch of chinoiserie come together... a show.’

Divide and conquer

‘I like to surprise my guests at parties by creating a special and festive atmosphere for the occasion... lighting, aroma and whenever there are new things to discover... the fact that the guests feel that they are privileged for one night for what you have designed for the occasion makes me believe I did something right!’

On ‘Spanish time’

‘The concept of “Spanish time” is false - in this house we are super organized but the technique of finishing some details when the first guests are arriving works very well to catalyze different friends when they don't know each other. It helps to relax the atmosphere. People feel somehow part of the organization and make the celebration a little yours too.’

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