"Light is a way of uniting disparate materials like concrete and wood and imbuing them with life and warmth. Soho House Chicago's aesthetic is all about combining brutalist concrete with wooden panelling and the table lighting that’s used throughout is designed to be warming, bringing this juxtaposition together.”

“Portable lighting is really good at creating an ambient feel within a larger space. Positioning lamps at opposite ends of a room creates a glow and warmth that you don’t get from a centralised pendant. That's why we use lots of table and floor lamps around the Houses - they create an inviting atmosphere for members and guests to dine, drink and relax in.”



‘Our Broome and Perry lamps were inspired by 1930s American lighting. Our table lights combine a traditional table lamp with a task functionality – they all have an adjustable element. That’s because we like them to be able to sit on a bedside table as well as on a desk.

A ‘task’ lamp is traditionally used in an office or work space because it provides a directional pool of light – something you can work under. Task lamps normally have a metal shade like our Perry and Bleecker. The metal shade casts light downward, creating pools of light around the room, making it moody and atmospheric. That’s why it’s become increasingly popular to use them as normal lights rather than just for work. A linen shade like the ones on our Broome and Cinema lamps casts light more widely which creates a different feel.’

If you want a more generalised glow around your room, use a fabric shade; for localised pools of light and a moodier feel, use a metal shade (of the type typically associated with functional ‘task’ lamps).'


Perry Table Lamp

'Based on a 1930s desk lamp, Perry is used in Soho House Chicago and Soho Farmhouse. Its wide shade provides a pool of light that’s great for working under or creating an ambient light for a room. '

Bleecker Table Lamp

'Our take on the traditional library or banker’s reading lamp, the Bleecker’s 1940s-style metal shade directs light downwards, keeping it focused in a distinct circle around the base.'

Anglepoise Original 1227 Wall Light

'Inspired by all the elements that made the Anglepoise Original 1227 an iconic example of British design, this wall light is a great bedside companion as the shade can be adjusted in multiple directions.'

Cinema Table Lamp

'You’ll find our tiniest lamp in every House – on bookshelves, on our bars, in our cinemas. Unlike the antique brass finished used on many lights, which is dark and cold, ours has a warmer, orange undertone. We matched our lamps with pieces of vintage brass.'


‘Most of our shades are covered, so you can use the 'less pretty' energy efficient bulbs and it won't affect the aesthetic! For example, on our fabric shaded lamps we would use CFL bulbs because they give you a good lumen output for a low watt ('lumen' means the level of light or light output per square meter.) They glow white, but the shade counteracts that whiteness. On the lamps with metal shades you can use eco halogen bulbs – they're energy efficient but also give a really strong light – the same shape and brightness that you’d get from a traditional filament bulb without the high energy output. Eco halogen bulbs give you a warmer, yellow light.’

‘Because this collection of lights has its roots in traditional task lighting and 1930s or Mid Century shapes and materials, it has a more masculine feel which suits a wide range of interiors, from traditional homes to industrial and contemporary spaces. The versatile style will work anywhere from your office to your bedroom, hallway or living room. We use them in the gym at Soho House Chicago, but they're equally at home in our club spaces and bedrooms. You can move them around as your taste and needs change - they suit all rooms.’

Soho House Chicago

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