Our sofas and armchairs are handmade by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques in our factory in the north of England. This is where we source our sofas and armchairs for our Houses, so you can feel confident that they can withstand serious use. We value the great tradition of British manufacturing and this is why we always try to use it in our British Houses. Now we are offering you the same levels of quality and craftsmanship to enjoy in your own home.


Mohair is known for its durability and crush-resistance and is prized for strength, ease of care, colour and lustre - that’s why it’s been used for centuries to upholster furniture. Mohair comes from the long, luxurious and strong hair of Angora goats, which are shorn twice a year. The fibre takes colour easily and once dyed, has a translucent effect that makes this natural material a timelessly elegant choice.

Nobody sells mohair in retail – this is a material that’s so inherently used in the great houses of Britain for centuries and has always been highly regarded in the hospitality industry, but has never really been accessible to the public. It’s a premium fabric that is extremely hardwearing and we are bringing that unprecedented level of luxury to the domestic home.

Strong and durable, linen is a natural fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. As the potentially allergic outer part of the fibre is removed during production and the remaining fibres have a compact formation which stops dust particles from embedding, it is regarded as a ‘clean’ fabric, so is widely used in hospitals and is good for allergy sufferers. Linen is easy to maintain and improves with age as it softens with repeated washing.


Our Chesterfields are covered in large pieces of hide rather than small pieces which have been stitched together. It’s more labour-intensive, but is what makes it a true Chesterfield. Every single button is hand-threaded with a giant needle. It’s a real expert skill because the placement has to be perfectly precise.

All the springs in our sofas and armchairs are hand-tied with twine, which strengthens the frame and makes the springs more secure – this is the traditional way of keeping them in place to ensure even comfort.

When the thread is pulled through, it’s tied to a small piece of cord which they wrap and stitch in a velvet bow. All the pleats around the buttons are neatened by hand resulting in a perfect, hand-finished sofa that has the mark of a true craftsman upon it.

Measuring your space

Measure the height (H) and width (W) of all doorways you will pass through to get the piece into your chosen room, taking into account obstuctions including radiators, gas and electricity meters and banisters.

For a sofa to fit through your doorway at an angle, its diagonal depth must be smaller than the width of your door. All product dimensions are detailed on each indivdual product page underneath the specifications tab.

To allow for turning on the stairs, measure the height, width and depth of all stairwells you'll need to take to get to your chosen room. If the room is accessed via lift, check the item's weight does not exceed the maximum load. Measure the lift's interior dimensions and the height and width of it's door, including the diagonal height from the bottom front to the top back, in case the piece needs to fit in at an angle.

Please consider any low bridges or narrow roads, plus any parking restrictions that might impact our drivers on delivery.

If you are completely happy with your piece, our delivery team will unwrap and dispose of any packaging from your sofa. Please note, once removed from packaging, your item will be non-returnable (please see Terms & Conditions).

Caring for your upholstery

We recommend that you have your sofas and armchairs cleaned professionally. Feather and down-filled cushions should be plumped regularly to help them keep their full shape and circulate the air amongst the filling.

Leather furniture should be protected from direct sunlight and not placed next to radiators. Evidence of marks and scarring will be seen through the surface finish. Each hide will be unique, and so will the furniture on which it is used. Therefore swatch samples should be regarded as no more than a guide, for these types of leather.


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