‘Tis the season to be jolly. But ‘tis also the season of never-ending lists, packed high streets and Secret Santas. Struggling with what to give? Guy Pewsey has some ideas on how he plans to end up on someone’s Nice list this year…

The Wanderluster

Ask me what the best feeling one can ever experience is and I will answer immediately. Is it the joy of giving the perfect present? Of course not. That pales in comparison to the rush of… setting your Out Of Office. This year I’ll be merging the two and quietly convincing my friends to book our next break by making gifts go a long way - literally - with Soho Home’s stylish new suitcase collaboration with Horizn. For wanderlusters on the hunt for the next adventure, I go all out on my recommendations, pointing them in the right direction with a city gift set – which include a House pool towel, Cowshed products and a city guide from the now iconic Wallpaper range. If I buy someone the Miami guide, they have to take me, no? It’s a recipe for the perfect trip, provided you can avoid crying babies or seat recliners, of course.

The Bar Fly

With Christmas, comes party season. I have a reputation for hosting brunches which accidentally become late-night parties, and I’m always on the hunt for a nightcap. When thinking of people like me, quench their thirst with the gift of a good cocktail. The Collins Cocktail Tool set is all your prospective mixologist needs to impress: with a shaker, a jigger, a julep strainer, bar spoon and ice tongs – all in stainless steel - they’ll be pouring their concoctions by the time the turkey is on the table. But be warned: not all bar flies are equipped with Tom Cruise-style twirling skills, a fact I learned after three hours in A&E. Save blushes – and vodka - with Soho House’s pre-mixed cocktail range poured over ice in elegant Barwell crystal rock glasses. Mine’s a negroni, for the record.

The Tech Enthusiast

Remember running down the stairs on Christmas morning to find your first ever Walkman or Scalextric nestled under the tree? I do. I also remember my parents’ exasperation when they realised Father Christmas had forgotten to buy the batteries. My love of tech may have ended that fateful day, but some never lost their love of gadgets. This year, treat those friends to a stylish speaker, created with Marshall. It’s an impressive reminder that size doesn’t matter, and its sound quality makes even the fifteenth repeat of The Pogues tolerable – almost. Meanwhile, those who despair over the clutter of cables will dream of finding neat and chic accessories from Native Union and Soho Home’s new range in their stockings.

The Homebody

Christmas is fleeting. For some it ends with the last bite of Turkey curry, for others, the binning of the wrapping paper. For me, it's the removal of my great aunt Sharon after one too many sherries. Whatever the answer, one thing does last: style. For those who appreciate gifts made to stand the test of time, think comfort. Soho Home's cashmere throws are soft, versatile and available in a range of rich colours. Cashmere is best enjoyed with a roaring fire but unless I’m getting one of those this year, a soothing Cowshed candle is the perfect companion for some me time.

The Wild Card

Gift giving isn’t an exact science. Some of my dearest friends are just too complex to be categorised. And sometimes I receive a colleague I’ve never met in the office Secret Santa, and am forced on a Bond-esque mission to work out what size slipper Barbara from Accounts wears. For those in a similar spot, opt for one of Soho Home’s simple yet sophisticated gift sets which provide everything you need for a good workout (tote bag, towel, deodorant and cosmetics) a luxurious night in (bathrobe, champagne and some Cowshed treats) or a decadent breakfast in bed.

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