When it comes to making the most of the ‘great’ British summer (however long it lasts) it’s simple: find the nearest sunny spot and enjoy it with friends, food and cold drinks. We asked interiors journalist Claudia Baillie to tell us how she likes to relax when the sun comes out and to curate an edit from our new outdoor collection to add some Soho House style to her summer.

'Summer is the time when being a freelance journalist comes in to its own, and although my remote office can’t really be relocated to Tooting lido (that’s a proper bunk off day) it often shifts itself in to the garden with a throw and some cushions. These help with the well-deserved ‘rest’ periods in between all the hard work. I also recently had the pleasure of editing the current issue of ELLE Decoration Country, which features the most beautiful homes with the most summery gardens and outdoor spaces around the world. This means that all the lovely accessories that go with life al fresco are high on my radar right now.'

Serve it in style

'I will hold my hand up and say I’m not the keenest of cooks, which is why summer is my favourite time of the year to entertain as barbecue meats, lovely fresh bread and some jazzy salads don’t take much cheffing. There’s nothing more awkward however, than an inadequate vessel for your carefully prepared Caprese or trying to scoop up fancy leaves and feta with a desert spoon. Chips and dips deserve more than repurposed cereal bowls too, and these handsome olive wood dishes and salad servers are a smart way to serve the whole lot in style.'

Best seat in the House

'There are garden chairs, and then there are garden chairs shaped like glorious, just-the-right-side-of-kitsch rattan flowers. This Kimani chair is quite possibly one of the most delightful examples of outdoor furniture I have ever seen, and apart from that it’s super comfy too. These can be found in the grounds at Soho Beach House, Miami and if all my dreams come true, they’ll soon be found in my slightly less impressive garden in south London.'

Take it lying down

'Picnicking is one of life’s great pleasures, and while my knees can still manage it I’m all for low-level lounging, even in my own garden. Something to lean or lie on makes things that much more comfortable, and these outdoor cushions are made from Olefin, which means they’re just a little bit more durable and easier to clean should they end up in a flowerbed or be left out all night.'

Turn on the lights

'Let’s face it, the party isn’t going to end when the last sausage has been devoured, or even when the sun goes down. This means you’re going to need some form of illumination to locate the corkscrew in the dark. String these pretty festoon lights up on your roof terrace (they’re on every Soho House rooftop from Shoreditch to Chicago) in a tree, or along a fence and it’ll make you feel like you’re staging your own festival but with better toilets and an actual bed, all within stumbling distance.'

Soho Beach House

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