Adam Greco was part of the Soho House design team that created the interiors for The Ned. The colossal former Midland Bank HQ designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in the City of London now houses a private member’s club plus a spa, restaurants and bedrooms. Here Adam explains how he and his team took on the challenge and shares the stories behind some of the key pieces in our Ned collection.

‘The three of us – Alice Lund Rebecca King and I – were lucky enough to be put on this project and we didn’t work on anything else for four years. So we were able to completely immerse ourselves in the building, the history of Lutyens himself, the history of the area and also the life that the building had with the bank and the various tenants afterwards. It’s all about pulling from many sources to create an atmosphere, picking and choosing from what might have been historically accurate to make something new.’

‘There is some sort of innate compulsion to balance colours and textures and patterns. You have all of these elements of scale, colour, saturation and it almost becomes an equation, but there’s no formula. It’s an innate feeling of whether it’s 'off' or not, a compulsion to balance all of these elements to create something cohesive, that takes the full potential of the range that you could possibly work with.'

Cosy bed with William Morris headboard

‘The bed in the Cosy room was modelled after the first class cabins on the Titanic. We felt that it had such strong and romantic connotations, but to introduce the comfort level that we’re known for we made a tufted cushion that’s tied to the frame with bias cut ties. Morris is one of the greatest British illustrators and designers of all time. He was very popular at the turn of the century and his designs are still fresh today. 'Artichoke' is woven with many threads so it's durable and it has that intricacy in construction that matches the intricacy of the pattern. We also liked how we could layer this larger scale botanical in front of a small scale floral wallpaper.’

Evelyn Bolster

‘One of the things that we were very conscious of with The Ned was since it’s the largest project we ever built was making sure there was variation and new surprises in all of the rooms. So we came up with many different pillows – we must have hundreds of different pillow types and styles in the building. We did a bolster in the Medium bedrooms because they’re a little more grown up – it’s almost like a young person flirting with formality, but in a louche way, a bit boozy and flirty but kind of grown up! A bolster is something that can be very stiff and formal so we thought why don’t we make it something that you can just throw down on the bed and it has a lot of give to it and that softness.’’

Lutyens Pendant

'While we tried to be quite true to the period, we weren’t so strict that it felt stuffy. It has some elements of the ‘60s, it is slightly eclectic, but it’s all 'faded glamour'. With the massive pendants in the main banking hall, our objective was to replicate what was existing to the bank so we did our research and used aged brass in keeping with what would have been used at the time.'

Edwin Sofa

‘As we had such intense geometry with the massive columns and all the straight lines in the building, we wanted to create something softer – so that’s why it’s curved with the rounded fronts. It has a bit of an edge with the pointed line of the back, almost like a shield; it’s like an Art Deco take on gothic. We pleated and buttoned the back so for a very grand room it could be viewed from behind and is even more interesting.’

The Ned

Our hotel and members' club in the City of London has nine restaurants, indoor and rooftop pools, a gym, spa and hamam.