There’s something special about drinking your morning coffee or eating hot porridge from a piece of pottery that’s been made completely by hand. At Soho Farmhouse the cabins and kitchens are filled with tactile, stripy ceramics that were made just 20 minutes down the road at Whichford pottery. This family business has been turning out beautiful, durable handmade garden pots and ceramics since the ‘70s and they’ve created a collection of stoneware just for us.



Our pieces are decorated with blue stripes - a contemporary take on a traditional 1950’s blue and white milk jug. They are made from highfired stoneware – an extremely durable, impervious clay which offers a wider range of colours. Whichford use British clays and every process, from mixing the clay, to packing the items, is done in house by a team of over 25 local craftspeople. All waste clay is recycled.


The first step

The process starts with the throwing of each piece by hand, followed by turning and attaching handles, spouts etc. The pieces are allowed to dry until they are leather-hard, then they are painted by hand before being dried until they are completely free of any residual moisture.

Firing and glazing

At this point they are ready for the first bisque firing. This firing is necessary in order that, when the product is covered in a liquid glaze, it can absorb the glaze without collapsing. After firing, each piece is waxed - the waxing process is necessary to mask off the areas where glaze coverage is not desirable - for example the footring of a plate or bowl.

Dipping and firing again

The product is then carefully dipped by hand into the specially formulated transparent glaze and loaded into the final high temperature firing – this goes up to 1280 degrees which makes for a practical, durable and beautiful product which is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Made by Hand

Because Whichford believe in the strength and beauty of handmade products, they always try to employ a human over a machine and that human touch elevates everyday objects like cups and bowls to something unique.

Soho Farmhouse

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