Colour Consultant at Farrow & Ball, Siobhan McFadden, shares the questions you should be asking when planning a colour scheme for your home. Letting us in on a few insider secrets, she explains how paying attention to the little details can play a big part in the overall effect. Whether you want to create depth, height, or complement the natural light in a room, read on to find out how you can make the best of your space.

What is your room used for?

‘Think about how daylight will affect your space. Is it somewhere you use in the day, or is it more of an evening room? Choose colour to complement this. Go for something light, bright and energising for your kitchen, and something intimate with richer tones for the bedroom.’

What effect do you want colour to have?

‘Take a closer look at your room. Is it small? Do you want it to feel bigger? You can cheat this by using the same colour on the woodwork, walls and ceiling. Your eye won’t be drawn to the constraints of the room and will make it feel bigger. By using one colour, you can also disguise anything you want to hide – an ugly door for example.’

How can colour evoke mood?

‘Choose a complementary white instead of a brilliant white on woodwork to match your wall colour. A soft contrast rather than a stark one can make a space feel very calm and relaxing. Or, if you want to make a room feel lighter, try painting your woodwork a deeper tone. This is also a great way to pick out any architectural elements you want to highlight, such as shutters or an Edinburgh press.’

Be brave

‘If, like me, you prefer a neutral and calm colour scheme, try painting the inside of a cupboard in a brighter hue for a pop of colour. It’s guaranteed to make you happy every time you open the door, and also displays your favourite objects beautifully. You can also get creative with floor paint – maybe paint a runner on your stair treads or a border on your floorboards. The possibilities are endless.’

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