Crème brûlée is one of our favourite desserts and you'll find it on the menu everywhere from Soho Farmhouse to Café Monico. Each kitchen gives it a fresh spin; the crème brûlée at High Road House is set in an aluminium container, then served standing on its own rather than in a ramekin, while at 76 Dean Street it’s infused with dulce de leche. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a seasonal fruit like cranberry or poached rhubarb on top or on the side.

The traditional English version is known as Burnt Cream, Trinity or Cambridge Burnt Cream, but whatever you call it, it tastes seriously good. Soho House executive pastry chef Kady Yan shared her recipe for the perfect crème brûlée which involves Tahitian vanilla and looks extra pretty on our Whichford stoneware.


Ingredients, serves 4

560g double cream
180g whole milk
190g egg yolk
100g sugar
1/2 Tahitian vanilla pods, split and scraped
1/2g salt


1. Combine yolks and sugar
2. Boil cream, milk and vanilla pods
3. Pour onto yolks and combine with a whisk
4. Strain with a fine mesh chinois
5. Add in salt
6. Chill base
7. Pour into a shallow vessel and bake in a water bath at 97c (3 bar fan, 100% humidity) for 45 minutes
8. Remove from oven and let chill before serving


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