There’s no better feeling than climbing into a freshly made bed, especially when it’s in one of the bedrooms in our Houses. Sitting on top of a Hypnos mattress, all our beds from Babington to Berlin are made up with crisp cotton Frette bedlinen combined with our fluffy goose down and feather duvets and pillows to ensure the perfect mix. Cushions and a cosy blanket are the finishing touches.

It’s worth taking the time to make your bed properly in the morning – it’s much more welcoming to come home at the end of a long day to find smooth sheets and plumped pillows waiting rather than an unmade mess. It’s all part of creating a bedroom that’s a tranquil haven free from clutter and distractions to give yourself the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

We asked Ingrid, a member of the housekeeping team at Dean Street Townhouse, to explain how we make all our beds every day. If you’ve ever struggled with a reluctant duvet cover or simply want to achieve the look and feel of a Soho House bedroom, read on.

House standards

'We are always trying to meet the highest standards when we change the beds. We always make sure each bed has a mattress protector. The sheet is the second thing we place on the bed, making it as smooth as possible, tucking it firmly under the mattress ensuring straight, smooth corners for a neat finish. Our perfectly balanced goose down and feather duvet complements our 300 thread linen beautifully as it keeps you cool in summer and cosy in winter.'

Insider Tip

'I find it easier to turn the duvet cover inside out, placing my hands inside the cover, pinching the duvet and sliding the cover over. It usually takes me around 15 minutes to make each bed from scratch. In a normal day I’d make around nine beds, ensuring a fresh, clean and crisp look to each one.'

Pillow talk

'We place three square pillows at the back with four long pillows in front, in a combination of firm and soft to maximise comfort. To get the pillows very straight we don’t plump them up instead we smooth them down from the centre out to the sides. This will allow the pillow to fluff up evenly and firmly, filling the pillow case perfectly.'

Finishing touches

'The final touch is placing some cushions and a colour-complementing blanket on the bottom of the bed. On turn down service every evening we take the blanket and cushions off and place the long pillows flat giving it the 'come to bed' feeling. Lastly we put glasses with a bottle of water on the bedside tables and dim the lights in the room, creating the right ambience for a great night's sleep.'

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