1. Arran Amarone Finish Scotch Whisky

"The wine cask finish gives this unique island malt a rich, plummy sweetness that edges towards cognac flavours. Drink after dinner with a dash of water to open up the notes of dark, red fruits and chocolate." Chris Tomsett, UK learning and development manager

2. Tapatio Reposado "Tequila is a must. Use Tapatio Reposado, which is straightforward with caramel smoothness and a spicy agave kick, to whip up a load of Tommy's margaritas for your mates." Lauren Shaw, UK Cookhouse & House Tonic manager

3. Raki "Turkish people do drink this strong, anise-based, 45% ABV neat, but usually add water to make it softer. This makes it go white, so it's sometimes called Lion's Milk. Even if it's not to your taste, it's an experience." Mehmet Nur Kilic, Soho House Istanbul

4. Range of bitters "Every bar trolley should have some bitters/ Just a drop is a complete game-changer." Girts Suics, Dean Street Townhouse

5. Kamm & Sons ginseng spirit "This British spirit works in myriad classic drinks. Add a touch of elderflower cordial and top with soda or sparkling wine for a delicious summer spritz. Or change up a negroni by using in place of Campari." Oli Blackburn, Soho House 76 Dean Street

6. Fresh fruit "Instead of juice made from concentrate, I keep hand-press juicers in my bar kit and squeeze fruits as I need them. It's a simple way to improve the quality of your cocktails." Mia Mastroianni, Soho House West Hollywood.




7. Bacardi 8 "I love rums, but buying an expensive bottle like Diplomatico just to mix it is a sin. Instead buy a good quality, budget-friendly option like Bacardi 8. You can mix it or drink it straight." Andrew Lue, Soho House Miami

8. Marmalade; sencha peach tea "At Barber & Parlour we mix the tea with Goslings black rum, lemon and brown sugar for peach tea punch. Marmalade works on many levels; I use it in one of my favourite cocktails, the breakfast martini. Not too sweet, not too bitter." Rob Flack, Barbour & Parlour

9. Agave syrup "A great sweetening agent. Made from the same plant as tequila, it has a very low GI index so is a healthier alternative to sugar." Oli Blackburn

10. Grey Goose; Royal Combier, Campari "In terms of base spirits, my advice is to start small and choose quality spirits that you personally enjoy. But if you're trying to please everybody, I'd start with a good vodka, gin, tequila, a white rum and a solid bourbon. Then you can throw in a few modifiers like Campari, Royal Combier and St Germaine."Mia Mastroianni

11. fernet branca "I love Italian amaros... from montenegro to fernet branca, just a dash makes your drink unique!" Simone de Luca, Little House

12. Four Roses bourbon "This is a great single-barrel bourbon with light menthol notes, woody character and spice. Use it for old-fashioneds or drink neat over ice." Tom Kerr, global bars manager

We think how a drink tastes is 50 percent to do with how it looks - and well-designed glasses are the key. All of our glassware is designed by us, in crisp cut glass, which gives a look of sharp elegance - the kind of thing you might find at home, rather than something too mass produced and commercial. All the glasses we use are made to accomodate our cocktails exactly.

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