'To bring warmth and character to a large space, decorative lighting is key. A statement pendant or chandelier will draw the eye to the centre of the room; it’s best hung low to bring the space inward. Don’t forget floor lamps and table lights – they will fill up the space as well as providing ambience. Making a small space work is all about using ambient lighting to create the illusion of a larger room by lighting negative space – corners, ceiling and the floor.

To create a cosy corner, try using an uplighter to give the area a soft glow. Lamps with dimmers on a low setting or a low wattage bulb will give you instant ambience. For example, I don’t need my bedside lamp to give me a bright light because I don’t tend to read in bed, I just need it to be able to see what’s on the bedside table! I would always put four lamps on around a room rather than turn the main ceiling light on – whether it’s in the kitchen or the living room. I’ve got a lot of lamps! Lighting can make or break a design. A successful lighting scheme is a clever combination of a few different factors, which I've explained below.'

Find Your Purpose

'In a living room, you’re likely to need a mix of decorative, ambient and task lighting, while a kitchen will need brighter, task-driven lighting. ‘Task lighting’ just means directional lighting that is focused on a specific area for a functional reason, like reading or sewing. Bedside lamps, wall lights and floor lamps are easy sources of task lighting.'

Think Negative

'If you only light the space you’re actually using, like the middle of a dining table or an armchair, it can make it feel smaller. Lighting ‘negative space’ (in other words space which is not in use) is a designer’s trick for creating atmosphere. In the Houses we put lots of wall lights everywhere to light up spaces where you don’t technically ‘need’ light.'

Nice But Dim

'People often ask how can they recreate the Soho House mood at home - it’s partly down to the low-level lighting throughout our Houses. Nearly all lighting is dimmable which allows mood and atmosphere to be adjusted depending on the time of day.'

Light what you love

'Show off the best features in a room by lighting them up. Up lighting is great for small spaces, empty corners and high ceilings while down lighting is more task-focused. Both are great ways to highlight special features such as a ceiling rose, cornicing or wall art.'

'Lighting trends come and go but good LED bulbs are here to stay. They cost a little bit more but they’re energy efficient and can last you up to 20 years. There are many on the market which even look like traditional Edison squirelle cage bulbs, like Tala’s Globe LED bulb.'

White City House

Look out for our new chandelier, lamps and wall lights in the restaurants, bedrooms and club spaces at White City House