When we decided to create a range of pyjamas inspired by the different looks and locations of our Houses, one name stood out as the perfect partners for a collaboration: Più. The three founders, Gabriella, Valerie and Bastien are based in Paris but have international backgrounds and a shared love of travel. Bastien is good friends with Valerie’s husband and when Gabriella and Valerie met, they realised there was a gap in the market for beautifully tailored pyjamas that were as comfortable as they were flattering, as functional as they were versatile. Più started out as a fun project developed out of personal need, but within the first year it turned out to be a great business venture. We asked them to tell us a bit more about their 'sleep to street' philosophy and their tips for travelling in style.

'Più means “more” in Italian (Gabriella is half Italian) and we believe that with our loungewear we give “more” to our clients. More personalisation, more quality, and more than just a pyjama, it’s also a ready-to-wear piece. We liked that it was short and sweet to the ear. In France (Bastien is from Paris), Piu also the noise a little bird makes in the morning, which makes French people think of waking up in the beautiful countryside.'

Valerie has a personal connection to Soho House - she was part of the team that launched Soho Beach House in Miami - so she had an insider's understanding when it came to designing our pyjamas. 'I was at Vogue Latin America and I had heard that Soho House was opening in Miami. I was then suggested by my boss at the time to be part of the committee for the club. Instead I was given the opportunity to work managing the Under 27 memberships. Working for Soho House has been one of my greatest experiences. I developed friendships with colleagues who are still my good friends today.

'Sleep to Street'

'Our atelier has vast experience in men’s shirt tailoring, so they work following those disciplines. That was an important factor when we set up Più - that it has the comfort of pyjamas, but the perfectly sharp cuts of a tailored shirt to enable that ‘sleep to street’ mantra akin to our brand.

Most pyjamas usually don’t have buttons on the sleeve, but all our shirts have the traditional cuff, for added elegance. Our pants are also beautifully tailored to be worn out. We achieved this by following a timeless cut and adding slightly more room for sleep comfort. Our contrasted piping and pant cuff add that little bit more structure for versatility of wear. And as a final Più touch, we added a fabric-covered button that matches with the piping.'

House Style

'With the guidance of the Soho House textile team, we were inspired by the colours, spirit and ambience of the Houses, as well as the activities around them. For “Country”, our emphasis was to create something that felt cosy and was ideal for the countryside, playing a little on traditional British patterns.

We felt checks were symbolic of this sentiment. For “Beach”, the idea came from the nautical theme that comes from Soho Beach House, Miami and Little Beach House, Malibu. Something that felt fresh, free-spirited, and summery! For “Spa”, we wanted something soft, comfortable and relaxing. Colours that conjure up feelings of calmness and serenity. Finally, we wanted something very sharp and sophisticated for “The Ned”. Elegant, deep colours that reflected the majestic energy of The Ned.'

The right materials

'We take great care sourcing our fabrics and search all over Asia for the best quality materials. China has some beautiful bamboo blends which we just love to work with, whilst Mongolia has super cashmeres which we are exploring for upcoming collections. We always strive to be a more sustainable company every day by staying away from any unnecessary extra packaging and by using recyclable options where possible, like for example our boxes. For the most part, we use 100% organic cottons or bamboo.'

'Keep it fun'

'Creating Più has been mostly a fun adventure with my partners. This is a business that grew from a mutual passion for loungewear that I shared with Gabriella. I think back and ever since I left Soho House I have understood that we can work hard and always keep it fun, because this is what attracts people. Having a good product is number one, but the energy around the brand is what makes it stay.'

Valerie: 'My essentials to pack for a long flight are my Più pyjamas and eyemask. I actually travel in Più. I also must have my air pods for my audio book and TV shows. I always pick up the latest issues of Vogue, Vanity Fair and a few tabloids. In terms of beauty products, I use SkinCeuticals antioxidant lip repair and the night time antioxidant serum for night flights. When we go for long holidays sometimes I bring my own matcha tea and Apple TV to the hotel.'

Gabriella: 'I rarely sleep on planes so I make sure I come well prepared! Noise-cancelling Bose headphones are a godsend. I always carry Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray with me – it smells heavenly. I bring my T2 matcha flask with me, add some hot water prior to boarding and it stays warm for hours. I’m always peckish on board and crave chocolate so I come well stocked; I like Pana Cacao, Loving Earth or Booja Booja truffles. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is always in my bag. I also often (discreetly) apply some Klorane soothing eye patches and then put my Più eye mask over, in an attempt to snooze. I always travel in Più and have a cashmere throw in my hand carry.'

Bastien: 'Planes are one of the only places I can disconnect and I try to take advantage of that time to catch up on sleep. I like to think I’ve mastered the art of sleeping on planes and have created a perfect system that’s ready to go for any last minute trip. I always take my perfectly prepared sleeping kit that includes, of course, my Più pyjamas and eye mask, my bespoke travel duvet and a well sourced neck pillow. Oh, and when I depart from Paris, I always read L’Equipe at take off and I like to start a fresh book… before I fall asleep.'

Our Più pyjamas have been designed so you can wear the shirt and trousers out and about, both as a set or mixed in with the rest of your wardrobe. Valerie explains how she likes to style hers: 'The pyjama tops are my favourite because I feel they just make an outfit cool and chic. My go to is always Più top, jeans and sneakers.' Gabriella adds 'Our Più shirts take me from day to night effortlessly – I like to pair my Più top with wide leg pants and a vintage belt. I’m on my feet all day at the office so I always wear flats. Then I just add heels and some lipstick, and the outfit carries me through to business meetings or after-work drinks.'

Little Beach House

The Più founders are fans of our beachfront Houses in Miami and Malibu.