Rose Blake lives and works in London. ‘My print is a drawing of the Ned rooftop on a sunny afternoon. I thought it would be nice to include the mega-view that you get from the Ned roof as part of the print.’ Find her work at The Ned, Soho House Mumbai. Katie Heller says: ‘Rose is both an artist and an illustrator. Her works start with a literal representation of a space or place which she then infuses with her own unique blend of humour, charm and playfulness’.

Born in Hong Kong in 1984, Stephanie Sin lives and works in the city. 'I did the commission when Soho House Hong Kong was not yet open. I asked for the floor plan and noticed all the floors share some specific structures. I have made a floor plan without the interior and furniture, but just the structures which are the same in all floors. I used Japanese paper with traditional Chinese patterns that show the sea and the sky, as inside the House visitors can see them from the middle.' Find her work at Soho House Hong Kong. Katie Heller says: ‘Stephanie explores contemporary aesthetics, finding images on the internet, which she then alters and manipulates. Her practice focuses on architectural appendages with layers of colour highlighting certain details and features.’


Sydney-born artist George Byrne lives and works in Los Angeles. As artist in residence at Soho Beach House, Miami he made a series of photographs of the area surrounding the House. This piece is one of those photographs; the others were exhibited at the House during Art Basel. Find his work at Soho Warehouse, Soho Beach House and DUMBO House.


London-based artist Julie Verhoeven's piece is titled 'Lazy Susan' - the term used for a rotating turntable that helps with serving food. “This came to mind when thinking of the atmosphere and sociability of the dining area, with reference to the circular tables of Little House in Mayfair. I wanted the cloche to lift and reveal the decadence and riotous fun beneath the elegant facade. Permission to lead the life of a bon vivant for a night! A riot of food and drink, spinning at speed, like a giant cup and saucer ride.” Find her work at White City House, The Ned, Dean Street Townhouse and Soho Beach House.


Born and raised in Hackney, Danny Augustine studied Fine Art at the University of East London and completed his printmaking MA at the Royal College of Art. “I was thinking about the romance that seems to be in the air at Farmhouse, especially in the winter, and how many people would have proposed to each other in front of the fires in the cabins or on the tiny rowing boats. Around this time I was obsessed with a song called ’What does it take (to win your love)’ by Alton Ellis. I thought if I had to win a girl’s love, flowers and a couple nights at Farmhouse would probably be a good start, and so flowers and an image of Farmhouse became the main theme of the print.” Find his work at Soho Farmhouse, 40 Greek Street, Kettner’s Townhouse, Shoreditch House and Soho House Amsterdam.


Born 1963 in Heidelberg, Germany, Karin lives and works in Los Angeles. “When I was commissioned to create an image which would represent Little Beach House, Malibu, I immediately thought of its airy architecture and the spellbinding location right at the beach. I was intrigued by using the tool of a collage going beyond and visualizing my notion of being at Little Beach House. "By the sea" could be described as an intangible and preverbal moment. I would like to express the unforgettable feeling of being there, convey the exhilarating sense of being seduced by the flickering lights and magnetizing views to the deep blue sea, and the beguiling pleasure of drifting away into calmness and timelessness.” Find her work at Little Beach House Malibu and Soho Warehouse.

Bernat Daviu studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s and is based in Barcelona. 'Every time I go up to the terrace in Barcelona's Soho House I am impressed by the intimidating presence of the large Virgin of La Mercé, patron of Barcelona, on the dome of the church behind the House. The Virgin seems to be staring at the people hanging out on the terrace. I made an image/cocktail with the colours of the facade of the building in Barcelona. I included two olives in the drink, which at the same time function as the eyes of La Mercé gazing around.' Find his work at Soho House Barcelona and Little Beach House Barcelona. Katie Heller says: ‘Bernat Duviu’s practice encompasses painting, costume-design, performance and video. He explores affinities and paradoxes that oscillate between the absurd, the ironic and the romantic.’

Born in 1967, Sue Webster lives and works in London. A Brief History of Shoreditch is a ’spidergraph’ that links together the people and places that contributed over the years to make Shoreditch into the iconic location that it is today. Find her work at Soho House Amsterdam, Soho House White City, Electric House, Dean Street Townhouse, 40 Greek Street, The Ned, High Road House, Soho Beach House, Little House Mayfair, Shoreditch House and Soho House Chicago. Katie Heller says: ‘Sue Webster is an artist whose work is deeply influenced by her role as an astute observer within society. As someone who has experienced punk and the YBA scene through to current trends and cultures, her work is infused with a sense of dynamism and zest for life.’