Daniele Pala, Bars Manager at Soho Farmhouse shared his recipe for the ‘Scarecrow’ – a cocktail that’s perfect for an English summer’s day. He describes it as ‘a long drink that goes well with meat. It has a delicate colour but a very define character and smoky taste thanks to the mezcal; it’s fruity and tart.’


Mezcal Vida, 40ml
Luxardo maraschino, 10ml
Grapefruit juice, 40ml
Shrub, 15ml
Lemon juice, 20ml
Egg white, 1
Highball glass
Ice cubes
Crushed ice
Grapefruit slice, mint sprig to garnish


‘Introduce all ingredients into a cocktail shaker then vert over three ice cubes, top up with crushed ice and garnish before serving.’

‘Normally when we introduce egg white into a recipe we first shake the cocktails without ice to increase the foam that is given by the egg which is a natural thickener - this is called a dry shake. Then we shake the cocktail once more with ice in order to chill it, this is called a wet shake (many bartenders like me, prefer to do this action the other way around); in the Scarecrow we only do a wet shake as we do want the creamy texture the egg gives, but we don’t need the foam that comes with it, so we avoid the dry shake.’

‘The shrub is a homemade product that contains raspberry, mandarin, mint leaves, Sichuan pepper, sugar and apple vinegar. Shrub is an ancient technique used to preserve fruit – some use citrus instead of vinegar. I like to use a very natural way: we peel the mandarins and then vert everything into a container and cover it with caster sugar, then let it rest overnight in order to get all juice out of each fruit and all essence out of the herbs and spices. Once this is done we filter everything with a very fine strainer, so we only get the pure juice and only at the end we mix it with apple vinegar. The vinegar helps to preserve the fruit and the natural colour of the juice, plus of course add its flavour which is again fruity but tart.’

Soho Farmhouse

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