Wood, water, fire, earth and metal – these five elements are essential to the millennia-old belief system of feng shui that influences everything from where to hang a mirror in your bedroom, to the entire design of landmark skyscrapers. The elements also underpin the work of Thierry Chow, who – as the daughter of one of Hong Kong’s most renowned feng shui masters – is blending a decidedly contemporary creative viewpoint into what is often seen as an anachronistic practice.

The self-styled feng shui designer was brought in to consult on the interior design of Soho House Hong Kong from the very start, lending her trained eye to floor plans and furniture arrangements to ensure the optimal flow of qi (energy) throughout the different spaces. Its importance cannot be understated, as feng shui can make or break the fortune and prosperity of a new building and its inhabitants for decades to come. ‘When we look at the relationship between elements, without one of them, it wouldn’t be complete,’ she explains.

Ahead of the opening of Soho House Hong Kong, we invited Chow for one last look at the interiors she helped to curate. Armed with her luopan compass, she toured the building from top to bottom, balancing the elements throughout and ensuring a happy, healthy and harmonious environment for all who visit.

Words: Gavin Yeung

Soho House Hong Kong

Our members' club for Hong Kong's creative community is set across the top floors of a 28-storey tower in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood.