Whether you call it ‘cumin’, ‘mustard’ or ‘dark gold’, you’ll find this warm, spicy shade throughout our Houses. From our Spoon sofa and armchair to our cosy throws and velvet Monroe cushions, it’s a House trademark. Design Director Linda Boronokay explains its appeal.

'Yellow is a warm and versatile colour that creates the illusion of warmth and natural light in a room, but it can also be tricky as you really have to make sure to pick the right shade. Mustard and cumin are great because they are not too bright and complement other colours and natural materials well.


We love to use these shades in our Houses because they are perfect with neutral browns and greys and to illuminate more vibrant shades, bringing warmth to any interior. They work particularly well with dark traditional wood and reclaimed materials like rough floorboards and they are perfect to spice up a dull corner as these colours pop against a dark wall.

If you don’t have the confidence to cover a full sofa in yellow, you can achieve a similar effect by using these colours on cushions and textiles!'

Babington House

Escape to the country with a stay at our original rural idyll, Babington House