For our outdoor collection we drew inspiration from the lush garden bar at Soho Beach House, Miami to create furniture, tableware, textiles and lighting that’s comfy and durable and will look just as good indoors as outside. Here's how to recreate the relaxed outdoor life that makes a stay at Miami such an unforgettable experience.

Take It Outside

Miami blurs the line between indoor and outdoor rooms. Try to think of all the things that you'd have inside a house. We put console tables at the back of our outdoor sofas so that people can rest a drink on them. We always take out board games and lots of outdoor cushions. Throws are important too - keep a big pile of cosy knitted blankets to hand for when the cool of the evening sets in.

The Right Lights

‘Outdoor lighting should be subtle, it gives a very warm glow to the area - you don’t want it to be stark, you want it to incorporate well with the furniture and the mood while giving enough light to be able to eat by. It’s got to go well with the setting and the area; in Miami we use festoon lights which are very relaxed, beachy and casual. Lucy Packard, Soho House Design

Whatever the weather

Gone are the days when outdoor finishes and fabrics were limited to a few dull options. Technological progress means there are now almost as many choices in texture, colour and pattern for outdoor weatherproof fabrics as there are for indoors. These days you can get pretty much anything you want to create an outside room – sofas, chairs, lamps, cushions, tables.

Finishing Touches

With their broad stripes and embroidered House logo, our fluffy Turkish cotton pool towels are instantly recognisable (and quick drying). And whether your favourite summer drink is a chilled rosé, fresh juice or a Caipirinha, serve it in our unbreakable Cabana glassware - it looks and feels just like real glass and is ideal for picnics, parties and days at the beach.

Soho Beach House

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