Alison Turnbull is an artist who makes intricate, abstract paintings from found materials including maps, blueprints, star charts and architectural diagrams. The process of translating these technical drawings into paintings is painstaking and meticulous – neutral lines are transformed with colour and the physical intervention of the artist – the weight of a human hand making marks on canvas with pencil or brush. The finished work retains an essence of the original working document – its geographical origin, period and function - combined with the new meaning and context applied to it.

Born in Bogota in 1956, Turnbull is based in London and is represented by Matt’s Gallery. Her work has been exhibited at galleries including the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Whitechapel Art Gallery and Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid.



Soho House curator Francesca Gavin chose this piece “just because I really like it. Turnbull often seems to incorporate these geometric forms and pastel colours against black and white, so there’s a real sense of the diagrammatic and abstraction and buildings and I think there’s something very 'British modernist' about it – this 1950s pastel palette which I think is quite beautiful. It’s almost like Mondrian or someone like that – that classic modernism but through a 1950s teacup! It’s those pastel colours which are very classically English which I think are fascinating.”

High Road House

A members' club in west London with 14 bedrooms