Paul Lee is a New York-based British artist who works across many mediums including sculpture, wall relief and textiles. His work is characterised by a use of found objects in thought-provoking combinations. Mundane things like beer cans, bath towels and light bulbs are deconstructed and reassembled in new contexts that imbue them with sensual significance. By confronting the viewer with familiar materials in unexpected, abstract situations, he draws new narratives and teases out hidden meanings, making us consider notions of personal identity and the ephemeral nature of consumer culture.

Paul Lee is represented by Stuart Shave/Modern Art in London and Maccarone gallery in New York. His work has been exhibited at galleries including the Saatchi Gallery in London, the Chinati Foundation in Texas and New York’s Derek Eller Gallery.



Soho House curator Francesca Gavin says of Lee’s Untitled, 2014 “I hung this in High Road basement. It almost looks like the moon made out of lace. He’s British but he’s based in New York. He’s represented by Stuart Shay in London. He has a really broad approach to what he does, working in sculpture, wall relief, a lot of multi-media things, and textile, so I think this work, even though it’s a 2D piece, has that element of feeling like it’s from a three dimensional object and that kind of idea."

It’s very touching into like a conceptual approach to art, and the idea of our relationship to form and object and he uses a lot of things like teatowels and rocks – everyday things – for me there’s something moon-like about it. It’s like if you made a moon out of a cut-up flannel! Which again is quite a British idea of how you approach contemporary art, how you can rethink our relationship to the everyday.”

High Road House

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