Always take a present
A bunch of fresh flowers, a bottle of your host’s favourite wine or something useful for the kitchen - bringing a gift to say thank you for their hospitality is the best way to get your stay off to a flying start. Cowshed’s room candles scent the air with their essential oil blends and make great gifts (they’ll fit in your weekend bag too.)

Take your shoes off
Tramping mud across a new carpet or pale rug isn’t a good move. If you need somewhere to stash your shoes, we’ve got a handy linen bag for that.

Offer to help…
Clear plates from the dinner table, load the dishwasher, make your bed in the morning – small but thoughtful gestures will be appreciated. But relax too! Make yourself at home but still look smart around the place in one of our House robes.

Bring entertainment
Good chat, a bottle and a board game

Don’t overstay your welcome!

Send a thank you note