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Health and Education Belongs to the Village by Studio Lenca


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Born in El Salvador and based in Margate, UK, Jose Campos of Studio Lenca focuses on the themes of identity, belonging, and oppression. After fleeing El Paz during its violent civil war in the late 1980s, Campos travelled to the US by land with his mother. As a queer minority in San Francisco, he was deemed an 'undocumented illegal alien', and uprooted to find refuge in the UK.

'As a queer member of the Latinx diaspora, my work is focused on ideas surrounding difference, knowledge, and visibility. It often starts through personal memories, creative activism or underpinned by different forms of praxis, through performance, video, painting, and sculpture,' he says.

• 'Health and Education Belongs To The Village' by Studio Lenca
• Oil, spray paint and acrylic
• Exclusive piece
• From the M.A.H Gallery collection