Deep in the heart of Mayfair, sitting quietly on the corner of Curzon Street is Little House. Small but perfectly formed, the member's club is home to a restaurant, bar and drawing room, with four private apartments on the floors above. General Manager Francesco Del Prete explains what makes his House – and the neighbourhood – unique.

'Little House is cosy, intimate, homey. If you had a crazy day and want to chill and relax and get away from the craziness of London then Little House is the right spot. Sitting by the fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine is the perfect remedy to a stressful day. The House has two main areas: for a proper dining experience the restaurant is slightly more formal with round tables and enveloping sofas, whilst the drawing room is more relaxing with comfy chairs and low tables.

Our signature cocktail is definitely the House Negroni. We serve it with Plymouth Gin, Martini rosso and Punt e Mess which gives a little citrus note to the drink. As for our most popular dish, the Sunday roast is something members just love. The meat is Pickstock Telford and it's British. It’s a truly mouth-watering dish plus it puts on a little show when you roll the dish to the table to carve it from the trolley.'

'The bar is my favourite place in Little House. From the super comfy stools to the details in which the bar is finished, I think it is one of the most beautiful bars in the company. The best moment of the day for me is when the lights go down and the party starts. It just gives the House that extra energy and it makes it so beautiful with dimmed lights where everyone looks good and we make sure that every guest has the best experience.'

Local Knowledge

'L’Eto café, within a minute's walk from Little House. When I’m on a double shift I always sneak there for a quick coffee which is very aromatic and dense.'

'It is actually in Soho so not really far. It's called Bar Termini - Italian of course. The name has been taken from the railway station in Rome called "Roma Termini". It’s a very small bar where you have to have a reservation to get a table. Their drinks are delicious. Their signature drink is the Negroni of course. They serve four different types one better than the another. The staff are well trained and very engaging.'

'I’m a shoe addict and if you like handmade shoes then pop into George Cleverley in the Royal Arcade!'

Galleries and museums
'Mayfair proliferates with galleries and museums, from the Fine Art Society and the Royal Academy of Arts to the National Gallery and the Tate which is my favourite. I like to go there alone to check the latest exhibition. Before I leave I always go to the fourth floor to admire the view. It just relaxes me.'

Favourite view
'Within a short walk from Westminster you have one of the most beautiful views of the city - the London Eye and Parliament Square. I’m never tired of admiring London by night. When I go home I always ask the taxi driver to go via Trafalgar Square and Westminster Bridge. It's just stunning.'

Local secret
'It's not really a secret but I particularly like the Handel and Hendrix Museum, especially Hendrix House - there is a feeling that he still lives there. Amazing.'

Little House

Our private member's club in the heart of Mayfair