When it comes to making guests feel immediately at home in our Houses, nobody does it better than the Soho House experts. From our bartenders to our housekeepers, interior designers to chefs, these are the people working behind the scenes to create spaces, cocktails and dishes that are guaranteed to make you feel relaxed. If you've got friends and family coming to stay over the Christmas break, here's how to make their stay a pleasure for them (and you)!


Candles are one of party planner extraordinaire Fiona Leahy's five essentials for a well-dressed table - she says candlelight is the most flattering light and we'd have to agree. Set your table with tall rose pink candles and smaller tealights, then add flowers, silverware and sparkling crystal for a suitably festive feel. We've got all the essentials, from plates to cutlery and napkins, plus the little extras that will make your guests feel truly welcome.

Festive Spirits

A well-stocked bar cart will see you through the festive season in style, so make sure you have all the glassware you need, from coupes to rocks glasses and highballs. Soho House UK Bars Manager Erdem Kayalar recommends finishing Christmas dinner with a classic Champagne cocktail: ‘Place a sugar cube in the base of a coupe glass and cover with 3-4 dashes of Angostura butters. Add 15ml Cognac and top with Champagne. Express the lemon over the drink and discard the peel.’

Take a Seat

Along with a couple of proper dining chairs (much better than folding ones from the garden), a footstool will come in handy when unexpected guests arrive. Soho House Senior Designer Lucy Packard explains: 'What’s so lovely about having poufs scattered about our Houses is how versatile they are. You can pull one up to join a group or use them to put your feet up. But they can easily be tucked away when they’re not needed. This same idea works so well at home, especially over Christmas when you have lots of extra friends and family over. You can use one as seating or pop a tray on top and use it as a small side table.'

Sweet Dreams

A few thoughtful touches can transform a spare room into a sanctuary for guests. Start with the essentials for a good night's sleep - fresh white bedlinen, plump pillows and a goose down duvet. Ian Nieuwoudt, Housekeeping Support Manager at Soho House says 'Textured cushions and a blanket across the foot of the bed add colour and cosiness.' Our House robe would make the ultimate welcome gift (as would our new silk pyjamas). Subtly scent the air with a Cowshed candle or diffuser - our new Winter fragrance is perfect for evoking a festive atmosphere. Add a Roberts radio (set to BBC3 just like in the Houses) and an eye mask and you'll want to stay in the spare room yourself.

Soho Farmhouse

There's nowhere better to spend a cosy winter weekend than our Oxfordshire outpost.