It might be a hot water bottle warming the bed on a cold night, a pot of coffee and a handmade mug to drink it from first thing in the morning, a long soak in a tub or a perfectly mixed martini in a crystal glass. Everyone has their own everyday pleasures; here interiors journalist Kate Watson Smyth of Mad About The House shares some of hers.

'For me the day cannot start properly until I have had a cup of coffee. I brew a large cafétiere (the Audley silver coffee press is a good start) and drink it throughout the morning. It starts off strong and milky and ends up cold and black. In the afternoon I drink sparkling water and in the evening wine. The coffee must be good. The mug – and it must be a mug – matters. A good handle. Large enough to cradle in two hands, small enough to grab with one. Bad coffee in the wrong mug can ruin the whole day.'

Audley Treats Tin

'For what is life without treats? I don’t eat refined sugar so for me treats aren’t about biscuits but a well chosen salty cracker or a handful of nuts is always a pleasure at any time of day. Even just looking at this tin makes me feel that there might be treats on the horizon and that is an instantly cheering thought.'

Archer Oblong Cushion

'I may have written the book on grey but I am starting to move on and the warm rich colours of plum, gold and green are calling to me. This cushion will fit in the small of my back when I’m “working” from my laptop on the sofa but will also support my head when I’m sitting back and watching the latest box set.'

Marshall Acton Speaker

'I have never really been one for listening to music, preferring instead the Radio – 4 in the morning, 2 later on. I know that digital is the thing but I prefer analogue when it comes to controls and this fits in well with the modern rustic style of my own house. The Danes believe strongly that form and function are equal partners, but so often, when it comes to technology, the function is prioritised over the form. This speaker has married both.'

Carved Wood Bed

'I love being in bed. I’m sure I’m not there often enough. And when I’m in bed I love to read. So obviously the pillows matter (I have the Soho house goose down) but there needs to be a good bed head to lean against. My interior design mantra is Something new, Something old, Something black and Something gold. This vintage style bed works well for the old and you can have a new mattress. Also every room should have some vintage and natural wood in it. This will do nicely.'

Soho House 76 Dean Street

Our members' club is spread across four floors of this Grade II listed Georgian townhouse, with a screening room and roof terrace.