Picture the scene: it’s the weekend, it’s raining – but trust us, this is a good thing. Because it means you can close the curtains, gather your favourite snacks (Electric Shoreditch's chilli dogs and a Martini for us, thanks) and watch your favourite film. If you need some recommendations, allow us to introduce our in-house movie buff, Director of Cinema Mandy Kean.

"I’m one of the oldest remaining original members of staff at Soho House, starting first as a waitress and then progressing from cinema manager into my role as it is now – there just isn’t one like it! It's a job that combines the best of the leisure industry with the best of the cinema industry. I programme and manage the Electric Cinemas, our two public cinemas and all the UK members' screenings; I oversee our European cinemas and I am responsible for opening all new screening rooms with ready to go cinema programmes – that involves recruitment, negotiation and a lot of networking. Next up: Mumbai, Greek Street, Electric Cinema White City, Amsterdam... My roots are the dramatic arts and the food industry so my role at Soho House neatly combines these with the wonderful world of cinema."



Mandy's Top Movies

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
"Marlon Brando announced his arrival in Hollywood with a performance of brute force in this certified classic of American cinema."

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
"Will they? Won’t they? The film that birthed a genre ushered in a host of rom-coms and ensured we never order coffee in the same way again."

Moulin Rouge (2001)
"Baz Lurhmann’s Technicolor tour de force is an all singing, all dancing romantic spectacle."

A Bigger Splash (2015)
"This sun-drenched tangled romance finds an A-list quartet decamped in Italy and uncovering some hidden truths."

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
"Decked with charm, Wes Anderson's mannered comedy is a riotously funny and meticulously executed historical fable well worth the room rate."

Breathless (1960)
"Effortlessly cool and endlessly imitated, this New Wave classic is as French as the Eiffel Tower itself."

Annie Hall (1977)
"Few films can faithfully be labelled as romantic and have the main couple split up before its end. Woody Allen’s 70s Oscar-winner can."

Our Cinema collection has everything you need to recreate the Soho Home screening room experience, from the cashmere blankets and footstools you'll find in the Electric cinemas, to their comfy designed-for-a-feature-film armchairs. And a table to rest your snacks on (Electric Portobello's Cheesy Nachos smothered with homemade guacamole and salsa, or a board of artisan cheese and antipasti), of course. Lights, camera etc…

Soho Farmhouse

The Electric Barn Cinema at our Oxfordshire base has daily screenings and is also available for private hire.