You’ll find the very same Hypnos (the name comes from the Greek god of sleep) mattresses in all our bedrooms and at Soho Home. We asked Hypnos’ Chris Ward to break down exactly why these mattresses are the world’s best – so good in fact, they’re fit for a queen…

'Hypnos are experts in the art of sleep, honed from over a century of bed making, mastering artisan techniques, whilst using the very finest natural and sustainable materials to create a breathable, resilient and active sleep system offering supreme comfort and total body support while you sleep. This is an identical hotel mattress to those found [in the bedrooms] in Soho House, which means it has been designed for the rigours of the hotel market and for multiple guests of different sizes, weights and sleeping patterns. A hotel mattress also meets higher fire safety standards than domestic products and comes with a bed bug barrier which standard domestic mattresses don’t come with.'

The importance of pocket springs

'We believe that mattresses that use pocket springs are the best at providing pressure relief and helping to increase blood circulation and alleviate tension, which in turn allow your muscles to relax. Pocket spring mattresses mould to your body, leading to natural spinal alignment and healthy back support. Springs are placed in breathable fabric pockets, which independently and seamlessly react with your every movement. We also believe in the use of natural, sustainable and breathable comfort fillings and hold the springs and fillings together with a tufted system.”

'A single layer of pocket springs provides great support, and our in-house pressure mapping testing confirms this, with usage in excess of 1600 springs offering minimal extra support. A single layer 1600 pocket spring mattress effectively manages vertical downward pressure to provide the most responsive system, while the pocket springs acts as a bellows-like device for distributing air and keeping the mattress cool. The shape and geometry of each spring, coupled with the number of active turns in a spring, results in different feels, with the wire thickness also influencing the final level of support and comfort – the Soho House mattress provides a medium to firm feel.'


'Each mattress is traditionally tufted for lifetime stability and upholstered in Soho House branded viscose-ticking which has been treated with HealthGuard™ - an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-bed bug treatment. The supportive pocket springs are covered with various comfort layers including sheep’s wool which is not only a naturally sustainable fibre that helps to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as eOlus™ - a unique sustainable fibre made from recycled plastic bottles.'


'Our hotel mattresses are still assembled by hand, then traditionally tufted, which involves passing twine straight through the mattress from one side to the other. This holds all the comfort fillings in place and under tension, which with the help of a woollen tuft at each end of the twine, creates a beautiful ‘rolling’ sleeping surface. All mattresses include chrome vents integrated into the borders to help the mattress breath and to keep the body cool.'


'Sustainability has been at the heart of Hypnos for over 100 years and we are proud to create handmade beds with a genuine claim to be caring and responsible. We are, after all, the only bed maker in the world to be carbon neutral. Our approach to sustainable design not only ensures no synthetic foams are used in our mattresses, but also dictates we use only certified sustainable timbers in our divans. Our workshops are FSC® certified and have passed the Sedex™ ethical trading audit, which, along with our PAS 2060 carbon neutrality status, truly sets Hypnos apart in the world. Our mattresses are guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years so they need to be replaced less frequently, helping conserve natural resources. They are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life, ensuring they never need to go to landfill.'

Royal Warrant

'Hypnos is proud to have been granted a royal warrant, the ultimate quality award. It is a sign of the best in British design, and is only awarded to those who can demonstrate supreme quality with strong ethical and responsible production methods. It is achievements such as these that have made the royal warrant an integral part of the way Hypnos operates, becoming part of the rich history behind the family-run company. Additionally, it acts as a guide in the pursuit of innovation, helping to reinforce the strength of Hypnos’ offering. It’s this synergy which has assisted the business in succeeding in international markets, ensuring you can be confident that its products stand the test of time.'

The art of getting a good night’s sleep

“Comfort is very subjective, with everyone having a preference to the softness or firmness of a mattress, but every mattress is designed to provide comfort and support, with subtle differences. Mattresses that incorporate natural fibres within the comfort fillings and within the mattress cover help to regulate body temperature whilst wicking away body moisture. But, even with the most comfortable bed in the world attention still has to be paid to the wider sleeping environment, because if it is too hot, too light or too noisy you will still struggle to sleep.”

Hypnos’ heritage

“Not a lot has changed in terms of techniques, albeit we now work with suppliers to develop new blends of natural fibres and also research the use of recycled materials, indeed one fibre we use eOlusTM is a sustainable vertically crimped fibre specially made using sanitised recycled plastic bottles, a similar technology that and Coca-Cola have developed into a series of materials to produce apparel and lifestyle products.”

Shoreditch House

Experience a Hypnos mattress for yourself with a night at Shoreditch House.