Frequented by everyone from Oscar Wilde to Agatha Christie and (rather incongruously) Robert De Niro and Bananarama, the bar at Kettner's has always been the place to enjoy a glass of Champagne or a perfectly-mixed cocktail. The Champagne Bar, described by Soho House Design Director Linda Boronkay as 'like a lady's earring' thanks to its shelves of crystal glassware and vintage French lights, is a cosy yet glamorous space. Kettner's Bars Manager Deniz Can created the 'Madame K' - a twist on the classic Old Cuban cocktail which he describes as having a 'fruity and earthy profile with sweet notes from vanilla which compliment the fruitness of the pineapple. The Champage gives fizziness and dryness at the end.'


35ml Bacardi Carta Oro
25ml Pineapple Cordial
4 Sage leaves
2 dashes of Vanilla Bitters
35ml Champagne

To make Pineapple Cordial (roughly 600ml)
1 ripe medium size pineapple
500g caster sugar
500ml water
20g citric acid


'To make the pineapple cordial, dissolve the caster sugar into the water by boiling with pineapple chunks, then strain into container. Add citric acid and steep overnight with pineapple skins in the fridge and strain into a bottle.

To make the Madame K, put all ingredients apart from the Champagne into a shaker. Shake with ice and double strain into coupe. Top up with Champagne.Hand clap the sage leaves before you put into shaker to increase the aromatic oils to be released from leaves.'

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