Make the most of warmer days with our selection of summer cocktails from Soho House Barcelona, Soho House Mumbai, Soho House Chicago and Soho Beach House Miami.

Barcelona's Persea Swizzle

'Persea Swizzle is a L.A.L.S. (low alcohol and low sugar) cocktail. The aim behind the creation of this drink was to offer a fresh drink, that our members could easily enjoy all day long in Barcelona, with a very small amount of alcohol. The rounded acidity of the rice vinegar is balanced by the creaminess of the avocado and aloe vera, combined with the earthy flavour of cachaça and a little touch of gin.'- Alberto, Club Bar Manager, Soho House Barcelona

• 10ml Tanqueray Ten
• 10ml Leblon Cachaça
• 10ml Lemon juice
• 20ml Apple juice
• 35ml Avocado & Aloe Vera shrub
• Top up Soda

Shrub preparation: 250g caster sugar; 250ml water; 100ml rice vinegar; 200ml aloe vera; 1 avocado. Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them; double strain the liquid.

Method: In a Highball Glass, pour all the ingredients starting with the shrub and the juices; add spirits and crushed ice and swizzle so the different flavours are distributed in the drink and outside begins to frost. Top up with soda and add more ice, keep swizzling. Cap with crushed ice, add metal straw and garnish with 3 pineapple leaves.

Chicago's Kryptonite

'After running an amazing month-long pop-up on our rooftop for the winter that featured a Japanese style bar sponsored by our friends at Suntory, I found the need to be a part of the renaissance of their melon liquor Midori. Pairing melon and ginger has always been one of my favourites and adding the grassy and earthy notes of tequila only made sense. Out popped a bright green summer crusher that can only be described as deliciously dangerous, which led to Kryptonite. Cheers.' Jeremy, Club Bars Manager, Soho House Chicago

• 30ml Cazadores Blanco
• 45ml Midori
• 15ml Ginger syrup
• 15ml Lemon juice
• 4 dashes Lemongrass bitters
• Collins or Highball glass with cubed ice
• Garnish: Ginger candy

Method: Add the liquids and some ice to a cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly. Strain the drink into the glass with fresh cubed ice. Garnish with ginger candy.

Mumbai's Bombay Aam Panna

Featured in Soho House Mumbai as a limited edition summer cocktail, the Bombay Aam Panna blends heat and refreshment. A mixture of spices and jalapeno is delicately balanced by the sweetness of the mango to create a short drink perfect after a long day in the sun.

• Bombay Sapphire 60ml
• Jalapeno 2 Slices
• Coriander Handful
• Lime juice 15ml
• Simple syrup 5ml
• Mango puree 75ml
• Spice mix 10ml

Method: Mix the gin, coriander, lime juice, one slice of jalapeno, syrup and spice mix to release the flavours. Add the mango puree and ice, then cover and shake until fully mixed. Serve in a Rocks glass with the remaining slice of Jalapeno as garnish.

Soho Beach House Miami's Sakura Rose

One of the beach-side House's firm favourites, the Sakura Rose calls to gin-lovers everywhere. This is perfect for those parties where a G&T just doesn't make enough of an impression. Inspired by Japanese culture, the botanicals of the Roku Gin is paired with the Vermouth's traditional flavours of cherry blossom, peach and vanilla: to create a fragrant and refreshing drink.

• 45ml Roku Gin
• 15ml Mancino Cherry Blossom Vermouth
• 15ml Rose syrup
• 20ml Lemon
• Rocks glass with cubed ice
• Garnish: Dehydrated rose bud

Method: Add the gin, vermouth, syrup and lemon to a shaker with ice. Shake until mixed and then double strain over a large ice cube in a Rocks glass. Garnish with dried rose buds.

Soho House Chicago

Find your drink in our Chicago base. In a former belt factory in the Fulton Market neighbourhood, the club features a large gym, a screening room, a rooftop pool and 40 bedrooms.