You’ll find our three new candles around the Houses worldwide, from the club spaces to the bedrooms. Hand-poured in ceramic vessels that have been finished with a reactive glaze to make each one unique, they were developed with celebrated candle chandler Rachel Vosper in her London workshop. A champion of the traditional craft of candle making and a firm believer in the evocative power of scent, Rachel formulates her bespoke fragrances and hand-pours her candles in her studio tucked away in a cobbled Belgravia mews. Here we unpack the fragrance notes that underpin our new scents.

Lemon, Violet Leaf, Amber

A clean, ozonic fragrance with notes of Lemon, Violet Leaf and Bergamot grounded by a woody base of Amber and Musk, this blend was inspired by our seafront Houses, from Miami to Barcelona. There’s a warmth and freshness to it, evoking days on the beach, sea breezes and balmy summer nights.

Bergamot, White Blossom, Cedar

Like our country Houses when the windows are thrown open and the outdoors comes blowing in, this scent represents the English countryside. Cedar, sandalwood and oakmoss evoke the green earthiness of woodland while bergamot, peach blossom and rose bring to mind a walled garden on a warm day.

Jasmine, Artemisia, Patchouli

Created to blend with the lively atmosphere of our urban Houses, this scent is unexpectedly light, with understated notes of White Woods, Artemisia and Jasmine in a spicy base of Clove and Patchouli. Uplifting and minimal, it will work in the small, cosy nooks at Little House in Mayfair and the roof terrace at Soho House Barcelona.

House Style

Designed to complement their surroundings, all three scents are distinct but flow into each other through the fragrance notes that they share. Bergamot was crucial in all three because it's a familiar 'friendly' scent that evokes the welcoming, sociable atmosphere of the Houses.

White City House

Our members' club and hotel in West London is housed in the former BBC HQ and has restaurants, a cinema and a rooftop pool.