As the party season rolls around again, we thought it would be interesting to consider the opposite point of view and celebrate staying in. Author and interiors blogger Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House is firmly in the 'staying in' camp. Here, she makes the case for JOMO (that's the Joy of Missing Out.)

If I was a gifted headline writer I would have been rich by now for I have been singing the praises of JOMO long before it was a nattily named concept. Ever since my early thirties I have always preferred the comfort of the sofa and a glass of red over the thump of loud music, strong cocktails and uncomfortable shoes.

As my husband remarked to a friend of his the other day when they were at a dance music gig in a sweaty basement somewhere in East London: “If I asked Kate to come to this I think she would have asked for a divorce.” The friend took a second to ponder his own wife and agreed. Then they shouldered their way from the dance floor to the bar and shouted for refreshments.

Meanwhile, I had finished watching the latest episode of my box set (Succession since you ask) with a glass of the aforementioned red in hand and my feet on the coffee table then wandered upstairs to the bedroom where I snuggled under the 13 tog, with a tumbler of sparkling water and the next chapter of my book (The Discovery of Witches since you ask). At 11.30pm I turned the light out, made sure the throw was comfortably over my feet – in the absence of the cat who had also gone out on the feline equivalent of clubbing – and went to sleep. To be woken an hour later by my husband moaning that it had taken an age to get a taxi, he was hoarse from shouting, he might have pulled a muscle from the dancing and to add insult to injury he had to get up for work in the morning.

Not for me the Fear of Missing Out on a night out or a party. I positively revel in the Joy of Missing Out. The thought of having to put on glad rags and uncomfortable shoes and hold my stomach in for hours makes me feel weak at the knees. For years the first thing I have thought when asked out for the evening is: How, and what time, can I get home? Not for nothing do I live in a villagey suburb of north London where dinner is a short stroll to a friend’s house and home by midnight.

One friend, whose birthday is in November, knows that there’s no chance I will go to her wild birthday parties. I don’t have FOMO but FOGO (fear of going out). I revel in JOMO because I have an acute case of JOSI (the Joy Of Staying In.) Having said that, there is a world of difference between staying in because you weren’t invited and staying in because you prefer to. And for that to work there are a few vital ingredients. And if you’re new to this I would suggest starting in winter when it’s cold and wet outside and the fear of not finding a taxi home is very real indeed.

You will need: one great armchair or sofa, a good book, a bottle of wine and nice glass to put it in. Add a throw, a set of something comfortable to wear and perhaps a good box set if the book isn’t quite gripping enough.

Now, draw the curtains, pour the wine, snuggle up between the cushions and the throw and make sure the remote control is within reach.

All set? I’ll see you in March when the clocks go forward again.

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