Whether you're partial to a Picante or favour a Manhattan, there's no doubt a perfectly mixed drink served in a weighty crystal glass is one of life's great pleasures. Soho House UK Bars Manager Erdem Kayalar is responsible for making sure every single drink that's served in one of our bars is perfect, so he seemed like to best person to ask for some expert advice on recreating the experience at home. Unsurprisingly, it starts with the right glass.

Cut crystal

'We call it the six senses of a cocktail. Touch, look and the feel quality a proper cut crystal glass brings to a drink. It feels heavy in the hand, it sparkles, it makes the drink feel special.'

Bar Cart

'We put a bar cart in our bedrooms so guests can mix themselves a drink while they're getting ready for the evening. They're stocked with crystal, the spirits you need to make any classic cocktail, tools and garnishes.'


'Our Roebling range was created for DUMBO House in Brooklyn and was named after John Augustus Roebling who designed the Brooklyn Bridge. Each piece is hand-finished with straight lines inspired by the cables on the bridge.'


'Make a Soho Mule - our twist on the classic Moscow Mule - by shaking with 1 ice cube, 50ml vodka with 35ml ginger syrup and 25ml lime. Pour into a highball glass, top with soda water and finish with a garnish of crystallised ginger.'

Soho House Chicago

You'll find our cut crystal glassware in every House from Chicago to Mumbai.