When you walk into a Soho House, whether you’re in Manhattan or Mumbai, you instantly feel at home. That welcoming atmosphere is achieved through a carefully curated mix of comfy furniture, low level lighting, cosy textiles and thoughtful accessories. We asked Soho House Lead Designer Scarlett Supple to explain how to do it at home.


'We always aim to make a space feel welcoming and cosy, like your home, and lighting is a key part of that. Low level lighting like floor lamps and table lamps gives a soft feel and disperses light around the space, creating cosy corners. If you do have space for a chandelier or statement ceiling light, it's nice for it to be on an isolated circuit so you can have it on, but dimmed, throughout the day for a cosier feel during the day, then as it gets dark outside, it becomes more of a feature.'


'Draw inspiration from the original features of your building, using colours and patterns that resonate with its history and heritage. It's good to layer the space with patterned cushions, throws and textured rugs. Varying textured fabrics and prints can create warmth in a design. It's a subtle way to add character and make it feel like it's always been there. If you have a patterned cushion or curtain, pull colours from that to use in your throws and rugs to make the scheme feel coherent. It's a simple trick that ties everything together.'


'Start with the sofa. Invest in the best you can as it will last you many years. We often covers our in mohairs because it's really durable and other hardwearing fabrics like velvet. We tend to go for richer, bolder colours in our city Houses and softer pastels in the country Houses. Then build up with armchairs, maybe a mixture of new and vintage which you could reupholster in a fresh fabric. We really love battered vintage leather club chairs; it's nice to mix different materials and textures into the space. Footstools are really useful because they're compact, so good for smaller spaces and you can tuck them away when you don't need them. They add a new shape and material - it's a nice way to add additional colour and pattern to the room without it overpowering the space.'


'We're constantly hunting for decorative antiques and vintage pieces to finish the spaces in the Houses - we head to antiques markets around the world and bookshops that are local to the House we're working on to stock up on material that relates to our members. Whether it's books, artwork, ceramics or objets, we're always looking for things that relate to the life of the building and resonate with the design. Candles - both scented and decorative - are a key way to make a space feel welcoming and create atmosphere. We love to find antique candlesticks to display them. Plants are also really important; it adds colour and life to the space and it makes it feel more like a real home.'

Soho House Amsterdam

Layered lighting, vintage pieces and cosy textiles are essential elements in ever Soho House. See for yourself with a stay at Soho House Amsterdam.