Ian Nieuwoudt, Housekeeping Support Manager for Soho House, has a tough job. He has to sleep in every Soho House bedroom to make sure it meets his high standards, from checking the curtains close properly to making sure the Cowshed products are within arm’s reach from the bath. Putting himself in the guest’s shoes (or slippers) means every last tiny detail is considered from their perspective, so their stay is as enjoyable as possible. Here, he shares some of the building blocks that go into creating a Soho House bedroom, so you can recreate the experience for yourself at home.


'Always invest in a very good mattress. Ours are by Hypnos, who also supply the Queen! They are hand-stitched and custom-made for us to ensure the most comfortable night's sleep in every Soho House worldwide.'


'Always white - it keeps you calm and helps create the right mood for your lifestyle - you can dress it up or dress it down as you choose. Ours is made in Italy by Frette with a 300 thread count, it's light and breathable so will keep you comfortable while you sleep.'

Pillows and duvets

'We build up the bed with two square pillows at the back against the headboard, then two firm feather rectangles and finally two softer feather pillows at the front. This gives you the option to relax and read in bed, and also enjoy a good night's sleep. We use a 4.5 tog duvet in all our bedrooms worldwide because it suits most climates and timezones.'

Finishing touches

'If you can, use different lights to create the right mood and put them on a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness for reading and relaxing. We often have wall-mounted lights beside the beds so you can read while your partner sleeps and lamps on the bedside tables for atmosphere. Textured cushions and a blanket across the foot of the bed add colour and cosiness.'

Soho House Barcelona

You'll find our Egyptian cotton sheets, goosedown pillows and velvet-upholstered beds in the rooms at Soho House Barcelona.