'We founded Horizn Studios in 2015 with the goal of creating a digital, premium luggage brand that caters to the next generation of travellers. Our world was always one of design and technology, and you could describe our lifestyle as nomadic. We love to travel, and we were missing a product that addresses our travel needs in the digital age. We were also missing a travel brand that speaks to us as modern, creative professionals.'

'I always travel with my Horizn Top Case so I never have to open my luggage when going through airport security. It holds my travel wallet, my liquids and my headphones. Inside my M5 luggage, you’ll find lightweight running shoes so I can go for a quick morning run wherever I am. The rest is rather monotone but works for me wherever I need to be: black t-shirts, black jumpers, a pair of black trousers.'

A global product

'We went around the world to source the best materials for our luggage. The shell of every case is made from aerospace-grade polycarbonate, engineered in Germany. For the wheels, we went to Japan and for our leather, Italy. Our luggage is made in a global community, for the global community. There are over 500 components that go into every case, from the outer shell and the self-lubricating 360° spinner wheels to the inner lining, the TSA-approved lock, the compression pad that keep clothes in place and even the included laundry bag. Oh, and the smart charger, which holds enough juice to fully charge an iPhone six times.'

Style and sustainability

'All our products are made with a conscience. That’s why we have a recycling programme in place for all old suitcases and we introduced our line of all-vegan luggage and accessories. We also make sure we recycle all the polycarbonate that gets cut off during production, so there is no wastage. But there are so many more great things we can do. We are determined to be not only a driver of innovation in the industry, but also become a driver of sustainability.'

Home from home

'Soho House Berlin is a second home for me; I actually wrote most of my business case for Horizn Studios on the clubfloor. On the 7th floor, left corner in the back to be precise. I also love the chimney sofas, especially for a comfy hangout with family and friends. I will often meet for a quick business lunch at the restaurant, and I love dinner at Cecconi’s. In the summer, the terrace is the best place for a sundowner. Since I go running with my dog in the morning, I don’t use the gym much often anymore, but I do miss it sometimes. We even have our Horizn Studios year-end party at the House so you can tell, it’s truly a second home for us.'

Traveller's tips

'[When I’m travelling I like to bring home] experiences of course, and a lot of them: new ideas, new memories, new friendships. Objects I will only pick up once in a while, and when I do, they’re usually for my daughter. Everything else I prefer to order online (like through Soho Home). There are still a lot of places on my list. I’d love to explore Korea a bit more, see Tbilisi and the Soho House in Istanbul has been on my radar for a while now. I mostly rush in and out of my hotel room, so I don’t take much time to make it feel homely. That said, in most hotels I stay at, I do take time to appreciate the work the interior designers have done.'

'Berlin has so much to offer, it’s not easy to narrow it down to a few recommendations here. I like to go for dinner at places like Crackers, Grill Royal or Cecconi’s. For lunch in summer, the Soho House terrace is great, or the vegetarian catering we get at Horizn Studios. For shopping I like Alte Schönhauser Strasse, where you will find stores like Le Labo, Ace & Tate, Lala Berlin, Sunspel and of course Horizn Studios; or to Potsdamer Strasse’s Andreas Murkudis and Acne Studios stores. Some must-see art spaces I can recommend are Galerie Koenig (St. Agnes Church), Boros Bunker, ifa Gallery and KW Institute on August Strasse.

In summer [my favourite space in the House is] the terrace, at a table with my friends and a bottle of rosé. In winter, it’s the club floor, close to one of the fireplaces. For me, the concept of Soho House is perfect: whichever house you’re in there is always a feeling of home, of continuity, but each house is individual, and that fuels my creativity. My life, work and play blend into each other at Soho House: I can meet my friends, creative colleagues and business partners all in the same space, which saves me time commuting all over the city.'

Soho House Berlin

Visit Stefan's local House for the food, the views and the home from home feel