As the days get longer and the sun shines a little more brightly, the craving for cosiness recedes and instead we find ourselves hankering after a sense of freshness and space.

We’re not talking austere minimalism, but rather a relaxed, calming look that relies on natural, tactile materials like linen, wool, wood and raffia, plus plenty of greenery to create a nurturing environment. Soft tones and pale shades are given interest and depth through texture, embroidery and embellishment, preventing them ever feeling bland or clinical. We took a look around our Houses for inspiration, from the newly opened Soho Warehouse in Downtown LA and Soho House Hong Kong to Little Beach House Barcelona and Soho House Mumbai.

The Soho House designers explained how they layer materials, colours and textures to create rooms that feel lived in with character and warmth. Burnished brass, fluted glass, leather, hand-made ceramics, printed silk and linen shades, vintage pieces and plants combine to give warmth and tactility to spaces that welcome you in and invite you to get comfy, put your feet up and relax.

Soho House Hong Kong

'We wanted to create a soft, calm environment for people to have a break from the busy city. On level 30 there's a wall of glass with a view of the skyline which is all pastel colours; we took inspiration from that with tiles in sage green, soft pinks and yellow tones. We have a lot of rattan throughout the House, in furniture but also on the walls. There's a cork ceiling on level 27; cork is a nice variation to rattan and timber but still with that earthy feel. An entire wall in the solarium is made of bamboo – it brings some natural texture to the wall and we wanted to use local materials that made sense in that environment. Linen shades and curtains everywhere soften the space while keeping the light coming in.'

Soho Warehouse Downtown LA

'We used lots of smoked and tinted Murano glass chandeliers and giant house plants everywhere. Plush velvet upholstery contrasts with exposed brick, graffiti-sprayed walls and warm parquet floors which we layered with antique rugs. Pleated paper shades sit on tactile ceramic lamps and we love including warm wooden furniture with rich patterns of grain. Leather dining chairs that will acquire a unique patina as they age and are used, Wooden dining chairs that will be just as happy dragged outside on a sunny day as they are in a dining room. Soft sage green and putty pink. Printed cotton and linen lampshades.'

Soho House Mumbai

'In the Allis we used a lot of cane and planting and had slatted timber walls - that made it feel quite light. We didn’t have big heavy curtains, just woven blinds to soften that strong sunlight coming through the windows. The gym is a very fresh, clean space; you’ve got the timber floor – a lighter teak – and beautiful polished plaster style walls painted a soft coral shade. You can layer those spaces up or take them back depending on the season – in winter you might have velvety cushions, while in the summer you might lighten them up. Don’t forget elements like candles – have a pared back space but you can always use accessories to layer it up.'

Little Beach House Barcelona

'Everything is quite tactile, the walls are a textured stucco which is really fresh. What’s nice in Little Beach House is the bedrooms all overlook the beach and have quite calm colours - sage green lifted by warm yellows and oranges, a really simple palette. There's a lovely green terrazzo floor, it's a restored version of the original 1940s floor. It runs through the whole building and ties the spaces together, immediately making them feel calm. It’s about keeping your palette simple to make it feel calm and fresh, especially in spring. Keep your main living spaces quite light and bright, then your bedroom can be darker and cosier.'

Soho Warehouse Downtown LA

Take in the view of Hollywood from the rooftop pool at Soho Warehouse Downtown LA