When we went round to Melissa Hemsley's for lunch the Eat Happy cook served up a mean vodka cocktail made with fresh raspberries and lots of ice. We had to get the recipe so we could make it again at summer parties and picnics.

Raspberry cocktail

'Enjoy with gin or vodka or top with extra sparkling water if you fancy a mocktail. If you’ve got lots of people coming, make up a few big jugs and then top with ice and sparkling water when they arrive.'


20 raspberries, about 200g
8 fresh mint leaves
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tbs runny honey or maple syrup, to taste
Lots of ice cubes
120ml vodka or gin
200ml sparkling water


1. Roughly tear the raspberries into a small saucepan with about 50ml of water and simmer for about 5 minutes .
2. Use a sieve to push the raspberry mix through into a jug, use a spoon to really press against the sieve to get every last drop through then add the lemon juice and sweeten the mix with the honey / maple syrup and chill until needed or add a handful of ice cubes.
3. Add 3 ice cubes to each glass then divide the mix and top with vodka/gin and sparking water to serve.  Top each glass with fresh mint leaves and fresh raspberries.

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