Sunny days often turn into stifling nights. There’s nothing worse than getting into bed and feeling uncomfortably hot. Tossing and turning only makes things worse and if you don’t happen to have a fan or an AC unit, the night can feel endless. Drawing upon our designers' recommendations and House tips, we’ve compiled a guide to beating the heat. Say goodbye to disjointed sleep and broken nights.

Many turn to the freezer when the heat gets unbearable. An ice pack or cold compress are easy ways to bring your temperature down; apply to pulse points for quick results, or wrap in cloth- to prevent damp sheets- and keep them in bed. For icy comfort, seal sheets and pillowcases in a waterproof bag and store in the freezer shortly before going to sleep. Read on for four more ways to keep your cool when the temperature rises.

Under the covers

Product Development Manager Kirsty Orr says "I’d recommend our 4.5 summer-weight duvet with goose down filling that keeps you cool but can also warm you up depending on the temperature. Our House bed linen is made from crisp percale cotton which keeps temperatures low. Our lightweight Luna bedding would also be a great choice as linen is naturally breathable and cooling".

Summer showers

A simple but effective way to stave off sleepless nights is by setting five minutes aside to shower before bed. Pick your favourite Cowshed mood and rinse the day off. A shower with tepid water is an easy way to lower your body temperature, get comfortable and feel cool before going to sleep.

Light grazing

When the weather picks up your diet can go a long way to improving your sleep. Choose lighter evening meals as bigger portions take longer to metabolise and raise your body temperature. Similarly, try to avoid alcohol as it is dehydrating and it increases the body’s temperature. A larger lunch can be balanced by a light salad to keep you cool in the night.

Shade solutions

A simple way to regulate the temperature of your home is by keeping the curtains drawn and shades down during the day. If the air is cooler in the evening, open windows to allow some airflow. Housekeeping Supervisor Isabel Correia details the routine at Little Beach House Barcelona: "The curtains in the bedrooms have two layers. We draw the thin cotton voile panel during the day to keep the room cool while still allowing light to filter through.".

Little Beach House Barcelona

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