The best way to get over the end of summer is by feathering your nest for the coming cold months. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, concentrate on creating a snug space to hibernate in, with plenty of tactile, natural materials and warm textures.

This is what the Danes - officially the happiest people on earth – do and it’s all thanks to the fact that they practise ‘hygge’. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ and roughly translated as ‘cosiness’, hygge is a uniquely Danish concept that celebrates life’s simple pleasures such as friends, food, family and curling up with a book and a mug of tea on a cold day.

But hygge is more than just establishing snug surroundings - it’s also a state of mind, a feeling of wellbeing that can’t be rushed or faked. It’s about slowing down, nurturing relationships and taking time for yourself, which fits perfectly with the Soho House philosophy.

When the seasons change, spend some time in your main living room at all times of the day. What do you do there most? Where does the light fall? Make a sofa or fireplace the focus of the room, rather than a TV. Cowshed's famous scented candles add a cosy glow to forgotten corners in a familiar space - showcasing the burnished wood of a tabletop or a colourful backdrop of books - as well as filling the air with their soothing blend of essential oils.



When creating our version of rural style at Babington House and Soho Farmhouse, we added texture and warmth to natural surfaces like stone, brick and tiles by layering soft blankets, big squishy cushions and rugs on sofas. To achieve a similarly rustic, cosy effect at home, our longhaired sheepskin rug can be thrown on the floor for added softness underfoot, but works just as well lining an armchair or tossed across the foot of a bed.

Our double-faced cashmere blankets are the ultimate luxury for Saturday afternoon movie sessions and we love the lightness and nubbly texture of our hand-knit cotton throws too. And if you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, store logs in one of our sturdy banana baskets. Hand-woven in Indonesia from durable banana leaves, we use them in the cabins at Soho Farmhouse to hold everything from wood to muddy wellies.

See the dark, dreary days as an opportunity to slow down, get together with your favourite people and turn everyday chores into pleasurable rituals – making tea in a proper cup and saucer, putting fresh flowers on the table with dinner, turning your nightly soak in the tub into a mini spa treatment with a fluffy robe and candles. Winter is coming, but that’s a good thing…


Soho Farmhouse

Enjoy the change of the seasons from our rural retreat in the Cotswolds