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Occupying the top three floors of the building, the view is central to Shoreditch House's atmosphere, as are the furnishings: no drapes, windows that frame and break up the skyline, and comfy seating that faces out as well as in.

Chesterfield-style sofas and booths create welcoming lounge spaces, inviting you to relax with a warehouse backdrop of exposed brick walls and broad, naturally lit spaces.

The bar is the beating heart of Shoreditch House, as it is with all of our clubs, drawing in a vibrant crowd. The layout is similar to an open kitchen with a touch of theatre. There are cushioned swivel barstools, and a mix of wall lighting and interesting table lamps create a soft, warm glow for a relaxing space you'll never want to leave.

Pops of Pantone's 7427 C shade, a vibrant cherry red, break up areas around the House and outside by the pool, where you'll find the iconic striped sunloungers.

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