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Take the lead from our design team with practical tips on creating a lighting scheme that's both ambient and aesthetically pleasing. With expertise gained from working on the Houses and our design service, they know how to get the right glow for your home.

‘Consider how the lampshade will affect the hue of the light. Neutral tones in a material like linen keep lighting soft’

Josefine Calmels, Soho Home Interior Style Manager

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Living room

Floor lamps create pockets of warmth around the room, while chandeliers provide a visual statement overhead.

'Set an intimate tone for dining with a low-hanging, design-focused ceiling light. Pendants or chandeliers work well'

Candy Murray, Soho Home Interior Style Manager

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Dining spaces

Position vintage-style chandeliers or pendants above the table to create a bold, visual impact.

'Layer bedroom lighting using a mix of sources. We use table lamps on either side of the bed, alongside wall sconces and floor lamps for a relaxing feel’

Severine Lammoglia, Soho House Lead Designer

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Mimic the sleeping spaces in our Houses with matching table lamps positioned on either side of the bed.

Lighting your home the Soho House way

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