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Soho House designers share the process for evoking feeling in a space

The team shares the importance of developing a room's mood, as well as its aesthetic

By Megan Murray

The design of every Soho House is centred around our local members and how they want to experience the space.

'Good design isn't just about the way it looks; it's how you feel when all of the elements, from visuals to ambience, are combined,' says Soho House Lead Designer, Severine Lammoglia.

'We consider emotion when planning the Houses by imagining what members will be thinking, feeling and doing while they're there. There's no distinct rule, it's a mix of intuition and looking to the location for inspiration.'

It can be as simple as feeling relaxed in the countryside, invigorated next to the coast or inspired by the city. With a mix of colours, patterns, materials and furnishings, our designers curate environments that soothe or excite, depending on the vibe of the club.

Here, we explore how our Houses around the world have been designed with mood in mind, as well as advice for doing the same in your space.


'Babington House was the original home away from home - a countryside setting to unwind and escape from the city. Its design is all about relaxed country comfort,' says Lammoglia.

'You'll see a palette of muted colours inspired by the surrounding gardens in shades of sage green and buttermilk creams. Surfaces in stone, brick and sisal work well with fabrics like linen and hemp for an unfussy, natural look.

'Many of our upcoming Houses feature wellbeing spaces, and ensuring that they feel calm is a focus in the design process right now. When a member has just enjoyed a massage, they don't want to see busy patterns or bold colours. We use tonal shades and furniture with inviting, curved shapes that feel cocooning.'


'While designing our Soho Works spaces, one of the words we kept coming back to was "fresh",' says Soho House Designer, Domhnall Nolan. 'Walls are kept warm white and natural light is optimised as much as possible. A clean space gives people the room to think clearly.

'Most people like to work in an environment that feels comfortable and natural, so my advice is to stay away from traditional office formality. Divide the area to offer a contrast of desk and lounge space so that you can move in between.'


'Sunshine makes us think of good times, and so you'll see bright colours at our coastal spaces,' says Candy Murray, Soho House's Interior Style Manager.

'For me, Mumbai is pure joy. It's India, so colour, texture and pattern working together is so part of the culture. You can achieve this by layering patterned textiles and cushions on beds and sofas. Try mixing green and pink to replicate the spirit of this House.

'Little Beach House Barcelona is also a very happy place. Geometric floor tiles add interest, while injections of citrus green amp up the summer feel.'

Kate Bryan, Soho House's Head of Collections, curated the artwork for Little Beach House Barcelona with a 'dreamlike' feel. 'Quirky touches bring an element of fun, such as a tapestry upstairs by Josep Maynou that reads "spritz" and a set of ping pong bats by Jan Monclús,' she says.


'The 1970s and 1980s have influenced some of our most recent London-based Houses - eras known for great style, creativity, and cultural references,' says Lammoglia.

'White City House was an opportunity to be experimental. Housed in the former BBC Television Centre, the building carries with it a creative history, and so we wanted the space to visually inspire.

'Recreate this feel at home by choosing seating with bold, retro shapes and mixing vintage furniture with new. Just ensure that you always use different scales - for example, a large, open pattern should sit next to something busier.'

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