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Bassett Patchouli Candle, 600g


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Inspired by fragrant summer evenings overlooking the Arabian Sea at Soho House Mumbai, our spiced, musky Patchouli scent mingles with velvety Amber, and is grounded by woody notes of Cedarwood and Moss. Each candle is hand-poured in England using a blend of mineral and vegetable wax to provide a clean burn and long-lasting scent release.

Scent notes
Top: Patchouli
Middle: Cedarwood
Base: Moss

  • Large three-wick candle with Patchouli fragrance
  • Glass vessel
  • Mineral wax fill
  • Hand-poured in England
  • Approximate burn time: 70 hours
  • Bespoke fragrance created by an expert perfumer for Soho House
  • Inspired by Soho House Mumbai