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Spring sometime rises in me too (Script), Mist Edition by Sarah Hardie


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After the sell-out success of the limited edition print created by Sarah Hardie, "Spring sometime rises in me too (Script)", in 2021, comes her second edition for Soho Home as part of our Soho Editions, "Spring sometime rises in me too (Script) - Mist Edition". The Scottish-Italian research-based interdisciplinary artist explores what she refers to as the "amorous politics of the voice" and how we connect through it, through a feminist, often psychoanalytic, lens within her practice. She was selected as the winner of the Soho House Art Prize 2020 by Kate Bryan, Maria Balshaw and Hebru Brantley.

This print is a blind emboss of the screenplay for her artist's film or "symphonic film essay", 'Spring sometimes rises in me too', created as a result of winning the Soho House Art Prize in 2020. The title is taken from Zadie Smith's essay "Peonies" from the publication "Intimations: Six Essays" in which she discusses her resistance / submission to nature, as a woman. Within this work, Hardie interrogates the resonance of the mother's voice in the child, its echoes and imprints: what is lost from one generation to another; what remains; and what, when cultivated, grows. Metaphors for motherhood abound within it; the potential of which, a thirty-something year old woman felt slowly slipping away from her over Summer 2020, when this piece was produced.

The print, like the film, explores the "marks" our mothers' love and voice leave on "us", as well as the marks we leave on others, and the earth around us, through our care (or lack of it). Made by pressing a metal plate into paper, leaving the marks of the artist's handwritten script in it, the making process follows the meaning of the script it reveals.

  • Soho House Art Prize winner 2020, Sarah Hardie
  • Blind emboss on 350gsm G . F Smith Colorplan Mist paper
  • Edition of 40